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Camilla set for royal promotion with “central role” next year as Queen rests

Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, are being called on to take the lead in areas that would usually fall to the head of state

Camilla is being called on to take on increasingly more important roles in the royal family

Prince Charles’s wife Camilla will be a key figure in the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations next year as she rises in rank within the Royal Family.

The Duchess of Cornwall will lead the “Big Jubilee Lunch” on the final day of the special four-day Bank Holiday Weekend to celebrate the monarch’s 70-year reign.

The lunch is central to the celebration and a nationwide event where Brit families and friends will meet up for street parties and sit-down meals to honour Elizabeth II, the longest-reigning monarch in British history.

The Queen, 95, has been undertaking less duties after a series of health scares, including a back sprain last week which forced her to be absent at the Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday.

The “Magnificent Seven” senior working royals will be filling in for the Queen for as long as needed, it has been reported.

A Palace source told the Mail On Sunday : ‘This is part of a range of events taking place but it means Camilla will have a central role in leading the nation in the celebrations in a sign of her growing responsibilities.’

The Duchess of Cornwall will lead the Big Jubilee Lunch to celebrate the Queen’s 70-year reign


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The Queen has been reducing her engagements to rest


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They added last night: ‘The Duchess is increasingly comfortable in the role and confident doing the job. She knows very well what it involves.’

And now that she is in the public eye more often, she has been spotted decked out in bespoke clothes to match her new profile.

At a horse club charity she patrons yesterday, Camilla donned a tailored tweed and velvet coat with matching skirt, a regal wool and faux-fur hat, and a Fendi handbag which fetches a princely penny at £3,700.

Earlier this week her and Charles visited Jordan and Egypt on a trip to boost post-Brexit Britain to the world.

Charles and Camilla visited Jordan and Egypt on a four-day visit last week


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Camilla on a royal visit in Egypt


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Camilla stopped to chat with reporters and told them about her favourite spot on the tour, which she said was where Christ was baptised.

She said: ‘It was extraordinary, something you read about. To actually go down there, you know, and experience it. It was really quite spiritual.’

Charles and Camilla made over 30 royal engagements, and also split off to make some solo appearances solo, with the duchess visiting deprived areas of Amman and Cairo.

A source close to the Duchess told the Mail on Sunday: ‘This is about showing the world what the Royal Family can do. Camilla is building up years of work in the Middle East, which is vital for Britain and the world.’

But Camilla may not be as happy as she appears about the new position.

Earlier this week a royal author claimed the duchess is “dreading” having the spotlight thrown on her when Charles becomes King.

A royal expert suggested Camilla might not be thrilled at being shoved into the spotlight when Charles becomes King



Camilla has been described as a “normal woman” who will one day become the King’s consort when Charles ascends to the throne.

And according to royal biographer Penny Junor, when Charles does become monarch, it will be a “very difficult time” for Camilla.

Penny told the Telegraph : “She is a normal woman who, because of her relationship with Charles, has found herself in an abnormal situation.

“I don’t think titles do it for her, and the prospect of being Queen or Princess Consort, the fuss there will be at the time, the comparisons to Diana, it will be a very difficult time for her.

“My feeling is that she will be Queen rather than Princess Consort because Charles is so proud of her and so grateful to her and loves her so much that he would find it difficult to give her a lesser title. It would be demeaning.”

However, Penny adds that public opinion will play its part in deciding Camilla’s title – especially if Prince Harry drops bombshells or if TV show The Crown “paints her in a bad light”.

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