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Caprice Bourret confesses to major photoshop fail amid ‘distorted’ doorframe

Model Caprice Bourret has candidly admitted to trying and failing to edit her photo because she felt the sweater she was wearing in it was ‘unflattering’

Caprice Bourret queues for fuel at petrol station

Caprice Bourret has told fans she tried to edit a photo of her because she thought it was unflattering.

Revealing the blunder on her Instagram page the former model, 49, shared her original pic alongside the edited one, which featured a obviously distorted doorframe.

In a refreshing admission the model said: “I literally suck at retouching. This sweater is not very flattering so I tried to make it flattering and failed !!!”

Fans were quick to notice the disproportionate doorframe in the the shot where Caprice’s waist looks impossibly small.

Laughing at her gaff she said: “I just had to take the mickey out of myself … I can’t even get retouching right. Anyways have an awesome weekend.”

Caprice Bourett and the curious doorframe



Caprice in the unedited photo



Caprice took the snap behind-the-scenes snaps at Ideal TV, where she was plugging her Caprice Home range.

The mum-of-two looked stunning in a canary yellow polo neck sweater and black mini skirt.

However, due to the UK fuel shortage the former Dancing On Ice contestant told her fans she nearly missed her appearance on the shopping channel.

Caprice said she had to queue for fifteen minutes at a petrol station near Peterborough.

Sharing her angst she said: ‘I’ve been sitting here for fifteen minutes now waiting to get petrol. Finally I’m at the front.

“But look at this… and the queue back there. What is going on? Well, we know exactly what’s going on.

Caprice claimed the UK fuel shortage almost made her miss her Ideal TV show


Dave Benett/Getty Images)

Caprice strutting her stuff on the catwalk


Martin Evans /

“This is crazy, I’m doing my show on Ideal with my Caprice Home, so exciting. It’s a live show, I hope I make it.”

And while taking time to thank everyone who’d bought her homeware range, Caprice couldn’t resist taking a dig Sadiq Kahn and Boris Johnson for making her late.

“Btw thank u so much for everyone that tuned in sold out if some lines and went through 40% of stock in first half of show #sograteful

“But on the way up I couldnt believe what happened … actually I do #thanksborisjohnson queuing for petrol yesterday.

Caprice accused Boris Johnson of almost ruining her TV appearance


Channel 5)

“Almost missed my show and had to pay additional £20 to fill my tank,’ the star with a reported net worth of £24 million added.

“Prices are so inflated it is ridiculous…now today many petrol stations are completely out of gas… get your bikes out folks!!

“Maybe those millions of our hard earned money that @sadiq used on bike lanes will be relevant [laughing and raised-eye emojis] love u everyone.”

After her rant was over Caprice smiled at the camera letting her fans know she’d reached her destination on time.

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