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Corrie fans slam Kelly Neelan twist in Seb murder story and call for punishment

Coronation Street viewers were left with complaints surrounding the revelation that Corey Brent was solely physically responsible for Seb Franklin’s death

Coronation Street: Seb’s final moments revealed

Coronation Street fans were complaining after the latest twist regarding Kelly Neelan on Monday.

The troubled blonde teen is currently awaiting her trial for the murder of Seb Franklin, for which she stands accused along with nasty former friend Corey Brent.

However, during Monday night’s double bill, viewers saw Seb’s girlfriend Nina Lucas experience flashbacks to what really happened on the night she and Seb were attacked.

Nina finally remembered everything and the fact that she saw Corey be the one to kick Seb to death as Kelly tried to stop him.

Despite Kelly’s pleas, Corey pushed her away and continued to beat Seb, causing wounds that would later result in his death in hospital.

Kelly Neelan tried to get Corey Brent to stop beating Seb Franklin in Coronation Street



After Corey left Seb’s bloody body in the street, Kelly checked on Seb and feared him dead before fleeing and not calling the authorities.

In the present day, Kelly was admitted to her lawyer and foster father Imran Habeeb that she didn’t think Seb would die and was scared of the trouble she would get in when she fled.

She said: “I wouldn’t have left him if I thought he’d …”

Despite the revelations, some fans at home were displeased with Kelly being presented as innocent in Seb’s death and still considered her complicit in the murder.

After Corey attacked Seb, Kelly checked on Seb to make sure he was still alive



One person wrote on Twitter : “Why the hell didn’t Kelly immediately call for help instead of just tryna Corey off herself?

“Yea, she might still of got done herself due to actually being there in the first place but she wouldn’t be looking at potentially spending the rest of her life behind bars #Corrie ”.

A different fan commented: “ #Corrie Kelly still has culpability.”

Meanwhile, another viewer tweeted: “I still don’t think Kelly should be sent home without being charged with something.

“She was there. She slapped Nina. She was laughing and calling her and Seb names. She may not have murdered him but she didn’t exactly do much to help him – like call an ambulance? #Corrie “.

Some Coronation Street fans are calling for Kelly to still face punishment



Elsewhere, another fan of the soap supported the Kelly storyline, writing: “Kelly isnt a sociopath, nor a murderer, she may have been guilty but she is sure as heck remorseful and wants to change to better the community, I hope she doesnt get sent down. She ain’t no Corey. #Corrie@itvcorrie ”.

Finally, one Corrie fan concluded: “Both deserve to do time #Corrie all 4 do, Corey longer @itvcorrie Kelly isn’t an innocent victim”.

Fans will have to wait and see if justice is done next week as the trial verdict rocks the street in the aftermath of the ruling.

*Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 7.30pm on ITV with previous episodes available on ITV Hub.

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