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Corrie spoilers: Yasmeen in danger as Speed Daal goes up in flames

Yasmeen is left in danger on Coronation Street next week as Speed Daal goes up in flames. But how did the fire start and was Zeedan to blame for the carnage?

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Yasmeen is left in danger on Coronation Street next week as Speed Daal goes up in flames.

It all begins during Monday’s episode, which sees Ryan confronting Zeedan in a bid to find out what Hashim wants from him. When Zeedan goes to open his van later, he realises the bag of money is gone.

Although, he later discovers that Ryan has it, as he drops the bag on the table in Number 6, right in front of Zeedan and demands to know where it has come from. Zeedan opens up to Ryan, confessing that he has to follow Hashim’s wishes or he’ll be at risk – but despite Ryan’s desperate pleas to Zeedan to go and tell the police about the whole thing, he refuses.

Zeedan finds the money is missing from his van

Desperate for his sister Alya and grandmother Yasmeen not to find out, Ryan and Zeedam continue to argue, just as Alya walks in and demands to know what’s going on.

Hurt by the pair’s decision not to tell her what’s up, Alya goes to work – but is later joined by Ryan, who explains to her exactly what is happening between Zeedan and Hashim. She fumes at her brother for his part in the money laundering and demands that she talks to Hashim about what is happening, but he tells her not to get involved.

Later, Zeedan arrives at Speed Daal to find Alya confronting Hashim, before she starts to hit out at her brother and accuse him of destroying all that their family has worked for.

Ryan decides to join forces with Zeedan to help launder all Hashim’s cash to get him off their backs, but the business is dealt another blow as Elaine calls Alya and tells her she wants to sell her share in the business.

Alya receives a phone call from Elaine, who reveals she wants to sell her shares in the business

The news prompts Zeedan to think of new ways to promote their business and he suggests they pitch their food van at the local Christmas market so they can buy Elaine out of the business.

But just as they start to put their plan into action, Zeedan receives a rather threatening text from Hashim and discloses it to both Alya and Ryan. It gets worse for the family as their van is then stolen, after Debbie forms a plan when she realises Zeedan and Speed Daal have managed to secure the last spot at the festive event.

As Alya goes to call the police over the missing van, Zeedan is forced to stop her as he tells her the van contains dirty money. Things only get worse when Hashim finds out the van is stolen and threatens Zeedan as he wants his money back.

Debbie hatches a plan after finding out Zeedan has secured the last pitch at the Christmas market

He tells the business owner that the only way to get him his money back is to burn down the restaurant and claim on the insurance, which doesn’t go down well with Zeedan until Rashim threatens to burn down Yasmeen’s house.

But will Zeedan go through with Hashim’s idea to burn down the restaurant?

At the end of the week, the restaurant is up in flames and Zeedan is left horrified as he realises someone is inside.

But was it him that went through with burning down the building or is someone else responsible for what happened?

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