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Couple meet after their wives have ‘affairs’ as ‘betrayal brought them together’

EXCLUSIVE: Dawna Noble and Ash France now travel 500 miles to be together having unexpectedly fallen for each other after getting in contact on Instagram to find out more about the ‘deception’

Ash France, left, and Dawna Noble, right, started talking after both having their lives ripped apart

A couple fell in love when they met up after discovering both their wives allegedly had an affair with each other.

Dawna Noble and Ash France grew closer while helping one another through the marriage heartbreak.

Hurt Dawna 37, was devastated when her wife of four years found someone else, she said. At the time she had no idea that 500 miles away, her wife’s new lover was divorcing her partner Ash, 34.

The pair later found each other on Instagram, put two and two together, and met up to share their stories in a bid to heal.

Relationship expert Dawna and ex project coordinator Ash unexpectedly fell for each other – and now the pair live together, and plan to marry.

They found each other on Instagram after rumbling the ‘affair’



Dawna says she fell for Ash almost instantly



Now they’re both trained in LGBTQ counselling and couples therapy, helping other people get through relationship problems and hurdles.

Dawna, from Bend, Oregon, said: “Before that morning neither of us had ever spoken with them about separating – it came completely out of the blue.

“They told us on the exact same date at the exact same time, so unbeknown to us we were going through an identical experience.

“My ex-wife told me she had to get away to think things over, and I even funded her trip because I wanted to support her .

“It later transpired that she’d gone to meet Ash’s wife, and when she returned she’d never been so certain about anything before.”

“Within months we were both separated, and for the life of me I couldn’t understand what had led to this, so, I started looking on social media.

They helped each other through the heartache – and made a connection



Now they have big plans for the future following their difficult time



“I looked on Ash’s Instagram, and when she saw I’d viewed her profile, she reached out to me – that’s when we both learnt the horrible truth.”

Ash from Oklahoma City, said: “Our wives woke up one day and decided to break our hearts, and at that time it felt like we’d hit rock bottom.

“It’s one of the hardest experiences we’ve ever had to deal with, but it’s one which we are grateful for because it brought us together.”

Former care giver Dawna said as far as she was concerned, everything in her relationship was fine, until her now-ex set up a Facebook group for LGBTQ community in March 2020.

Dawna’s ex arranged a social Zoom call with members of the group – and Ash and her then-partner joined the call.

Ash, her wife, and Dawna’s ex hit it off, and had more friendly calls as pals.

Dawna said she was not suspicious – and was happy her wife of four years was making new friends, after they had recently moved from St Lewis, Missouri.

But Dawna claims she was later excluded from the friendship trio.

In September last year, the four women met up – with Ash and her now-ex travelling 500 miles from Oklahoma City to Dawna’s home.

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Dawna – who hadn’t met Ash or her partner until then – said she was suspicious, and the vibe was uncomfortable.

A few weeks later, both Ash and Dawna received the simultaneous news that their wives wanted a divorce, they said.

After talking online, Ash and Dawna put two and two together.

Dawna flew Ash out to her home in Oregon so the two could meet and find out from each other what had truly been going on.

“The entire time I thought Dawna was the enemy,” Ash added.

“When she reached out to me I was really nervous about meeting, but I thought I owed it to myself to find out why my relationship of seven years had ended this way.

“We spent four days bonding through the emotional pain we were going through and it was clear to us both that through this pain we were falling in love.

“We were resistant to our feelings as our marriages had only just ended but there was an undeniable attraction there and we just wanted to be close to one another.”

Dawna said she confronted her now ex-wife, but Ash decided not to, and instead focus on her new life.

In April this year, Ash and Dawna moved in together.

Ash, who worked as a project coordinator, recently left her job after being inspired by Dawna’s and retrained as an LGTBQ life coach.

They now work closely together and use their experience to counsel other queer couples.

Ash said: “The betrayal we’ve been through makes us good at what we do because we can draw from our personal experiences.

“Business is booming and marriage is certainly on the cards – we can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together.”

Ash’s ex wife has been contacted about the claims that she had an affair with Dawna’s ex wife and she has declined to comment.

Dawna’s ex wife has been contacted about the claims that she had an affair with Ash’s ex-wife and she has declined to comment.

Dawna’s ex wife has been contacted about the claims that Dawna financed a short break for her in which time she met up with Ash’s ex wife and she has declined to comment.

Dawna’s ex wife has been contacted about the claims that she excluded Dawna from her friendship with Ash and Ash’s ex-wife in the build up to her affair and she has declined to comment.

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