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Family cut holiday short after ‘finding dirty knickers under bed’ in chalet

Peter Ashman has claimed the chalet he booked at the holiday park was filthy, with poo-stained sheets found under a staircase and dirty women’s underwear under the bed

Peter and his family only stayed one night before relocating to another campground

A disgruntled holidaymaker is demanding a refund after he was forced to cut short his family stay at a holiday park due to what he called “disgusting conditions”.

Peter Ashman spent just four hours at the Prestatyn Sands Holiday Park with his girlfriend and her two children before they began looking at a plan to leave.

The 42-year-old claims the chalet he booked at the holiday park was filthy, with poo-stained sheets found under a staircase and dirty women’s underwear under the bed.

Mr Ashman, a couch driver from Oldbury, said the clubroom had sticky carpet and there was no cutlery or bowls in his self-catering apartment at the Pontins holiday park.

After management were unable to find a new room, he checked his family out the next morning and booked into a nearby campsite.

The dirty knickers Peter claimed he found under a bed in the chalet


Peter Ashman)

Speaking to Black Country Live , the 42-year-old coach driver has said he wants the £249 he paid for him, his girlfriend Kimberley Bevin, 39 and her children Leland, 13 and his 11-year-old brother Alex, refunded.

He questioned where the money was spent, as the place was “vile”.

“You would think to yourself that a big place like Pontins would have higher standards because of Covid but they did not seem to care,” Mr Ashman said.

Pontins have not responded to multiple emails sent by The Mirror for comment.

The family’s nightmare began on August 20, when they arrived at the holiday park near Rhyl for their anticipated four-day stay.

Peter Ashman claims he was forced to cut his family holiday short


Daily Post Wales)

They had originally planned to go to Benidorm for two weeks, but had these plans derailed because of the Covid traffic light system.

“We needed a break, a change of scenery so we looked at Pontins . We paid £249 for the chalet, the food being extra,” he said.

“I had read reviews and some people were saying how nice it was and they hadn’t had a problem and then the others said it was horrible but I’m open-minded and would give it the benefit of the doubt.”

As a family that frequently went camping, Mr Ashman thought he had a fair idea of what the holiday park would be like. But when they arrived, he realised that “basically you had to wipe your feet on the way out”.

“The stench was rancid. It was dated, filthy, things were sticking to the carpet,” he said.

Mr Ashman and his family went to Rhyl town centre to kill time before returning to check-in.

Peter Ashman is claiming poo-stained sheets could be found under a staircase outside his chalet


Peter Ashman)

Upon entering the chalet, he realised how shocking the conditions were. The staircase wasn’t safe, the handrails were falling apart with rust, and the outside of the chalet was filthy, as though it had never been cleaned.

Wet wipes his girlfriend had brought due to Covid came up black after rubbing down the surfaces.

He described the sofa bed as being “torn, filthy and uncomfortable” enough for their neighbours to have gone out and purchased an inflatable mattress.

To top it off, a pair of dirty women’s underwear were sitting under one of the beds in the chalet.

Their woes continued with a kettle which was not working, no bowls or cutlery and poo-stained sheets under the outdoor stairs.

Within four hours, the worn-out family were discussing returning home or finding alternative accommodation. Mr Ashman said he went down to reception and explained the situation to the manager, but was simply given form through which to lodge complaints.

The park was reportedly booked up, so could not offer them another room, so the family left without a refund and checked into a campsite for two nights for a cost of £395.

Mr Ashman is chasing up a refund and informed trading standards.

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