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GMB’s Alex Beresford slams Gavin Williamson for ‘unforgivable’ name mix-up

Good Morning Britain presenter Alex Beresford had some choice words for Education Secretary Gavin Williamson after he confused footballer Marcus Rashford with rugby star Maro Itoje

GMB: Alex Beresford slams Gavin Williamson for name mix-up

Alex Beresford has hit out at Gavin Williamson for his “unforgivable” mix-up of Marcus Rashford and Maro Itoje.

On Thursday’s show of Good Morning Britain, Susanna Reid and Martin Lewis discussed the day’s headlines with panellists and broadcasters Iain Dale and Ayesha Hazakira, along with the Daily Mirror’s Assistant Editor, Darren Lewis.

One of the stories to be discussed was Education Secretary Gavin Williamson who has been widely criticised after he mixed up footballer Marcus Rashford with rugby star Maro Itoje.

Darren Lewis said the gaffe was “symptomatic of the lip service that government plays to people campaigning on this issue”.

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson mixed up Marcus Rashford with Maro Itoje on Wednesday



He added that it says more about the Education Secretary than either Rashford or Itoje.

Darren Lewis said the potential cabinet reshuffle can’t “come soon enough” for Gavin Williamson, saying he was not “shocked or surprised” by this type of thing from UK government ministers.

Martin Lewis claimed he himself was bad with names but noted this mix up was worse as Gavin had been “showing off” that he had engaged with Marcus Rashford, calling it “careless” that he had actually met with someone else.

Martin Lewis and Susanna Reid discussed the Education Secretary’s gaffe with Alex Beresford on Good Morning Britain



Susanna also slammed Gavin Williamson for the lack of clarity surrounding GCSE and A-Level exams in the future despite how close these are and having already been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

She then asked Alex about his own experience with mix-ups surrounding GMB, with viewers having confused him with co-star Sean Fletcher.

“Yeah, I mean, myself and Sean have been mistaken for each other several times, and I don’t know why, he’s got more hair than me,” he commented.

Alex revealed that he has been the victim of a similar mix up from viewers confusing him for co-star Sean Fletcher



Alex noted that viewers had engaged with him and Sean mistaking them for the other on social media, whilst also slamming Williamson’s mistake due to the lack of “genuine likeness” between Rashford and Itoje.

“It was an eye-roll moment, as I say it’s happened to myself and Sean a dozen times, more than a dozen times, and on a scale of ignorance it is definitely up there,” commented Alex.

“It does make you ask the question, ‘As much as I want you to see us, I also want you to see me. We don’t all look the same’.”

Alex called Mr Williamson’s mix-up “unforgivable”



Alex surmised the mix-up: “It is unforgivable and we have to ask the question: Is it time for Gavin Williamson goes back to school?”

“Yes, I think is the answer to that one,” answered Susanna.

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