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Gogglebox star warns of toilet-only breaks during exhausting 9-hour filming days

Paige Deville, who appeared on Gogglebox with mum Sally, said that shooting the programme isn’t as ‘glamorous’ as people believe it to be

Paige Deville appears on Gogglebox with mum Sally in 2020

Gogglebox’s Paige Deville has warned future stars of the long nine-hour days of filming – during which she says they are only able to take breaks to go to the toilet.

Earlier today, Paige revealed that she had quit the Channel 4 show, taking aim at bosses for offering “zero aftercare”.

Opening up to BirminghamLive about her time on the show, she said that shooting the programme wasn’t as “glamorous” as people believed it to be.

She said: “Filming is long. You would start at 3.30pm and finish at 12.30am and be paid £100 each per filming session.

“Filming is tough. You would stop to go to the toilet but other than that you wouldn’t have a break. You would eat while filming.

Paige Deville has warned future stars of the long nine-hour days of filming

“At one point my mum had her arm around me for four hours and they didn’t want her to move her arm. It isn’t as glamorous as you might think. It is very hard work.”

She also revealed that an ‘irreversible fallout’ with her mum sparked an exit.

Paige said: “There have been problems within the family and my mum was given an ultimatum. The decision means I have nothing to do with her now. I think the decision is irreversible.

Paige and mum Sally have quit Gogglebox


Channel 4)

“It is very sad but that’s life unfortunately.

“My mum said she would no longer be filming Gogglebox. The show offered me an opportunity to work with another family member but I didn’t want to work with anyone else. My mum and myself had started the journey together and I wasn’t going to film with anyone else.”

Paige continued to say that she felt she “really didn’t have any support” after splitting from her mum and that they sent her the number of a therapist.

She opened up about the long days of filming



She said that she felt as though she was “thrown to the lions” by being exposed to trolls on Twitter and that they “take over your life”.

“I bought a car and Gogglebox contacted me to say I need to make it clear the purchase wasn’t endorsed by them,” she said. “Your life is controlled somewhat by them.”

A Gogglebox spokesperson said: “The welfare of contributors – past and present – is of paramount importance and robust protocols are in place to support contributors before, during and after taking part in the series.”

*Gogglebox airs Fridays at 9pm on Channel 4

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