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‘I’ve banned my uncle from my wedding – my dad thinks I’m being unreasonable’

A bride-to-be on Reddit has claimed she won’t invite her uncle to her wedding because she doesn’t want him to make ‘hateful’ comments about her transgender best friend

The woman is refusing to invite her aunt and uncle to her wedding (stock image)

Deciding who to invite to your wedding can be tricky, especially if you have family members that you don’t particularly get along with.

And one woman on Reddit claims she’s had to put her foot down when it comes to extending invites to certain members of her family whom she says are “bigoted” and “hateful”.

The bride-to-be explained her best friend, who is a trans woman, will be her maid of honour and so will play a vital role in the wedding – and she doesn’t want her family members to make her uncomfortable.

She wrote: “I am getting married in February. My best friend in a trans woman and will be my maid of honour. I’ve been friends with her since we were children.

She said she wants to protect her best friend, who will be her maid of honour


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“My dad’s older brother is very bigoted and quite frankly, hateful. He especially has an aversion to trans people and says the most horrible things about them. His wife is no different.

“I’ve decided not to invite those two to my wedding, mostly to protect my friend and to avoid drama.”

The woman’s decision was met with backlash from her cousins and from her own dad – but she won’t sacrifice her best friend’s safety.

She added: “Their kids, my cousins, told me that if their parents can’t come, then they won’t either. I told them to get lost and that my wedding would be better off without them.

“My mum understands why I’m doing this, but my dad is upset and says I’m being unreasonable. He keeps promising me that his brother ‘won’t do anything’ and will just ‘sit quietly’, but I refuse to budge.

“I just don’t trust my uncle to act like an adult, because of his past behaviour. My mum told me that my aunt has been crying over it, but that’s just one of her favourite manipulation tactics.

“Am I really being callous in trying to protect my best friend?”

Commenters on Reddit applauded the woman for defending her best friend, as they agreed her uncle should not be invited to the wedding.

One person wrote: “You are a good friend and your uncle and his family are not good people. There is zero chance he wouldn’t say something. People like that always do.”

While another said: “She’s your maid of honour and it’s great that you’re taking responsibility for making your wedding a safe space for her. Don’t feel bad at all.”

And a third posted: “You wanting your special day to be a safe place for yourself and those who you love is completely understandable. A wedding is a celebration of love, transphobic comments are not a place for that.”

Following the kind comments, the woman edited her post to state she will be sticking to her guns and banning certain family members from her big day.

She wrote: “Thank you all so much for your support. You’ve confirmed what my partner and I already knew and have helped us make our decision.

“Toxic uncle and aunt will be kept out, as will their children and anyone else who decides to side with them.”

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