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Jeremy Kyle’s celebrity friends abandoned him after suspected guest suicide

The daytime TV star revealed that celeb pals ‘just disappeared’ after his ITV show was axed.

Jeremy Kyle has spoken out since his ITV show was axed

Jeremy Kyle returned to broadcasting recently after his show was canned after 14 years on ITV.

The daytime TV star was once known for helping guests with their outlandish problems, but the star attracted controversy after one guest died after featuring on the show.

Kyle took to talkRADIO, where he is now a drivetime host, to tell listeners that famous friends and senior execs were quick to distance themselves from him after the incident.

However, the former presenter did stress that he was not completely alone, sharing that Piers Morgan and Declan Donnelly remained by his side, along with a group of star names who supported him.

Speaking of the show being cancelled, Kyle revealed that he had had to take anti-anxiety medication, and said: “I’m not asking for any sympathy, but being completely honest, yes, it was a very difficult time.

“It didn’t take long for some people I’ve known for many, many years to just disappear.

“Some people were brilliant — Piers Morgan reached out straight away because he’s that sort of guy, and he was brilliant.

“Kate Garraway, who is just extraordinary and has been through the most awful time herself recently, still takes time to get in touch, and I’ve helped her with her kids, too.

“Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford were amazing, so was Rob Rinder, and Declan Donnelly.

“But there were also lots who just never got in touch again even though we had worked together for so many years — it’s very, very telling.”

Kyle is now launching a show on talkRADIO, a speech radio station that hosts the likes of Julia Hartley-Brewer, Mike Graham and James Whale.

The station prioritises political conversation, featuring controversial hosts with predominantly right-wing views.

Speaking about his show, Kyle said: “What I’ve found, now that I’ve come out from the other side, is that I’ve never had so much public support.

“Apart from one very posh lady in Windsor who called me obscene, I’ve had so much positivity from ordinary people — guys calling out to me as I walk past, real warmth.

“I think the biggest thing I’ve learned is to have great belief in the British people.”

Kyle’s famous daytime TV show was known for its outrageous disputes and brash problems.

The show was axed in 2019, after guest Steve Dymond, 63, died of a morphine overdose following his appearance on the show.

Dymond had been ‘extremely distressed’ that the audience had heckled and booed him during his episode.

Kyle was an ‘interested person’ in the inquest into Dymond’s death after it was claimed that “something may have happened on stage”, when it was alleged that Kyle’s closing remarks at the end of the episode were made to “attract the audience’s attention”.

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