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Jesy Nelson confirms her fandom will be called ‘baddies’ in sweet message to fan

Jesy Nelson has decided to call her fans baddies, following the release of her debut solo single, Boyz, earlier today

Jesy Nelson has decided to call her fans baddies, following the release of her debut solo single. The former Little Mix singer released her track Boyz on Friday October 8

Jesy Nelson wants to call her fans “baddies”.

The former Little Mix singer released her debut solo single Boyz on Friday and her fans are already loving the new track.

And Jesy has now confirmed her fans will be known as Baddies from now on, as they continue to support the star following her decision to walk away from the girl group, whose fans are affectionately known as Mixers.

A Instagram exchange between Jesy and a fan starts with her supporter saying, “I saw a comment saying we should call ourselves (the fandom) ‘baddies’ and I’m obsessed! What you think? xx”

Jesy Nelson wants her fans to be called Baddies



“I love it,” Jesy quickly replies.

The fan added: “AGHHH! Is it official then? Baddies and barbz.”

Jesy replies back: “Yeah babyyy.”

The fan then tells the singer how she’s “obsessed with the name” and that she is “so excited to be a baddie”.

“Me too!” Jesy said in a message back.

The singer recently released her debut solo single


Polydor/Republic Universal)

Jesy was left in tears as she filmed her music video for Boyz, as she admitted dancing was “one of her main passions”.

She said in a behind-the-scenes clip: “Today we are at Studio 68 and it’s a very exciting day today because we are auditioning dancers for my brand new music video Boyz.

“I’ve been dancing since I was about 11-years-old and it’s one of my main passions in life. I’d say it’s definitely up there with singing, maybe more.”

She was auditioning dancers to appear alongside her in her music video.

Jesy enjoyed rehearsing for her music video Boyz, after previously describing other videos as ‘stressful’



She then said: “So today the boys are gonna be learning the choreography that I’ve already learnt and then they’re gonna be performing it to me and then after that every single dancer is gonna get to freestyle for me.

“It’s so important to me to audition dancers because I just honestly feel like not every dancer in the industry gets the opportunity to be in music videos like this, to get all the best dancers in the UK into one room.

“You don’t always get to see than in an audition, sometimes people shine when they get to freestyle.”

Jesy had described previous rehearsals as “stressful” but said it was different with her own video.

“Normally I find rehearsals quite stressful but this has been a really, really fun experience,” she said.

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