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Katie Price’s nan was ‘topless mermaid’ who people looked at through telescope

Former glamour model and reality star Katie Price has revealed her gran was a topless model just like her – and people paid to watch her through a telescope

Katie Price has revealed her grandma was a topless mermaid

Katie Price has revealed her grandma was a topless mermaid.

And the former glamour model and reality TV star said people would pay to watch her nan though a telescope.

Katie, 43, has given fans an insight as to what life was really like for her and her family after she found fame with Page 3 modelling.

Speaking on Simon Thomas’ podcast Life, Interrupted, Katie revealed taking her clothes off to model was something that ran in the family.

“My nan was a topless mermaid in her time on the south coast,” admitted Katie.

“She used to sit in a glass tank and punters put a coin in a telescope to look at her.”

Katie revealed that modelling runs in the family

Simon enquired: “So the first time your mum knows about it is seeing you in the papers, seeing screensavers popping up on people’s computers? What did that do for your relationship?”

But I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! star Katie confessed: “She’s fine with it. I mean, my nan back in the day, she was a topless mermaid.

“You know, like a telescope people would pay money to look down at she was a topless mermaid, but she got the sack for smoking in it.

“We’ve all been quite jokey jokey, so it didn’t affect the family in a bad way like that.”

Katie has starred in a string of reality TV programmes


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Katie opened up about her nan’s unusual job


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Despite that, Katie has previously said that she doubts Princess will follow in her footsteps by becoming a glamour model.

She told the Mirror last year: “Princess will never want to do what I do, she will never have surgery. She’s more of an entertainer, she likes presenting, she’s so good on camera.

“They’ll do it different to me, and there is no glamour really anymore.”

She added: “People underestimate Harvey because of his challenging behaviours but he’s so intelligent, he knows what he’s saying.”

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