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Labour MP Dawn Butler raps about ‘liar’ Boris Johnson on Big Narstie’s TV show


The Brent Central MP will tonight appear on Channel 4’s Big Narstie Show alongside Lily Collins and Fatman Scoop

Labour MP Dawn Butler rapped about ‘liar’ Boris Johnson during an appearance on Big Narstie’s TV show.

The Brent Central MP is set to be on the late-night Channel 4 show hosted by the MC and comedian tonight, alongside Emily in Paris star Lily Collins.

Also appearing on the show are hip hop legend Fatman Scoop and co-host Mo Gilligan.

Audience members are said to have gone “mad” for Ms Butler’s rhymes – which branded Boris Johnson a ‘liar’.

London girl, to Brent MP

Now I’m here, with Lily C.

My parties are sick, I’m just being honest.

If you don’t wanna come, you’re a liar like Boris.

You’re a liar liar liar like Boris.

One audience member said: “’When Dawn dropped the line about Boris being a liar the audience went mad and started cheering.

“She was hilarious! I’ve never heard an MP rap before.”

Ms Butler teased her appearance on Twitter after recording it last Saturday, posting a picture of her with Big Narstie, and adding: “You’re never gonna believe what I did,”

The show will be broadcast at 11.05pm tonight on Channel 4.

In 2019, Ms Butler surprised fellow MPs by quoting Stormzy’s ‘Vossi Bop’ from the Commons despatch box.

Ms Butler, then Shadow minister for Women and Equalities, said: “To adapt Stormzy lyrics, we have to be honest, rule number two, don’t make the promise, if you can’t make the deal just be honest, equalities will never die, it’s like Chuck Norris, rather chuck this government and chuck Boris.”

She used ‘chuck’ to replace another word in the original song, which would be considered unparliamentary language.

In July this year, Ms Butler was thrown out of the Commons for a day, after she accused Boris Johnson of lying to the House “time and time again.”

Commons rules ban MPs from accusing each other of lying, and Ms Butler refused to withdraw her remarks.

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