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Lorry left propped upright in middle of major road after crashing into gantry

Rush hour commuters passed the lorry which was left standing upright on its back-end in the middle of a major road after a bizarre crash in Widnes, Cheshire

The bizarre crash is expected to close the road for several hours

A lorry has been left propped completely upright, standing on its back end in the middle of the motorway.

The heavy goods vehicle crashed on the A562 Speke Road in Widnes, Cheshire, during rush hour traffic today, December 3, at 6.40am.

No one was injured in the crash but crews were called in to remove the lorry and part of the damaged gantry.

The westbound carriageway was closed to drivers and several diversions put in place.

Cheshire Police said: “Emergency services are working hard to clear the closure as soon as possible but the road is expected to be closed for several hours.”

Workmen carried out repairs and tests to ensure the gantry was structurally sound before drivers could be allowed to drive under it.

The lorry was left standing against the bridge


Liverpool Echo)

Routes were diverted, including the Mersey Gateway Bridge westbound and the Silver Jubilee Bridge heading north.

Just days ago, a lucky trucker walked away unscathed after a crash which crushed the cab of his lorry.

Police who were stunned at his pure luck advised him to “buy a lottery ticket” after the collision.

The HGV driver was left with only one small cut to his head after stepping out of his cab which resembled “a concertina”.

Somehow the trucker ducked into a tiny space as he crashed and saved himself from being mangled to death in his battered lorry.

Police were stunned and said he was “incredibly lucky to escape death” before joking that he should “buy a lottery ticket” after his narrow escape.

Crews were called in to remove the lorry and part of the gantry


Liverpool Echo)

His lorry had smashed into the back of another HGV on the M1 motorway in Derbyshire on Tuesday.

The first vehicle came to halt on the slow lane of the northbound carriageway between junction 29A and 30 after suffering a tyre blow out.

A second lorry was unable to stop and ploughed into the back of the 18-wheeler sending debris scattering across both sides of the motorway.

Last month a motorist managed to inform a lorry driver in the adjacent lane that he was careering down the motorway with a white VW latched on his front bumper.

The panicked motorist can be seen waving his arms, trying to get the Greg’s Couriers lorry to realise another vehicle has tagged along for the ride.

As he waves, the motorist can be heard yelling: “F*****g stop!”

He points towards the front of the multi-ton vehicle and adds: “Stop you f****** idiot”.

The HGV driver then realises what’s happened and pulls over to the hard shoulder.

Both the trucker and the VW driver – who was “25 or 26” – escaped unscathed.

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