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Man catches council worker ‘smashing car window then trying to cover it up’

Father-of-two Jay Elton, 31, caught the worker on his doorbell video footage accidentally smashing the window while mowing the grass and then allegedly trying to cover it up

Jay Elton, 31, caught the worker on his doorbell’s CCTV footage, and claims he tried to cover it up

An angry dad has spoken out after his local council refused to compensate him when his car was smashed by a council worker’s lawnmower who then tried to hide it.

Jay Elton, 31, woke up on September 6 to find that his car window was smashed.

After checking his doorbell’s CCTV footage, he saw that that a council lawnmower had broken his window whilst cutting the grass in the area that morning.

Jay, from Willerby, East Yorkshire, said it looked as though something had got stuck in the gears of the lawnmower and flew at his car window, causing it to shatter.

Mr Elton reported the incident to the council, but was told that they were not liable


Katie Pugh)

The footage then shows the worker looking for stones in his front garden and scattering them around his car to cover up what happened.

The father-of-two said: “It was really deceitful, he was trying to make it look like it was our fault in some way.”

But, when Mr Elton informed the council of the incident, he was told that they would not compensate him.

The local authority had said that since the worker had checked the grass to ensure there were no objects that could get stuck, they were not liable for any damages.

But, the video footage appears to show otherwise, according to Mr Elton.

“I put an insurance claim in and found out yesterday that I will not be getting it because they claim he had checked the area before mowing the area.

“But I can see in my camera that he did not.”

“I feel really sad as a council taxpayer that this is how we are treated.

Mr Elton has to walk his children to school in the rain as the car floods since there is no window


Katie Pugh)

“Accidents are accidents, we can all live with them, but this sly sneaky behaviour is not acceptable and not for council taxpayers.”

Mr Elton claims that he cannot afford the £550 charge for the repair, and that he has to sell his daughters pony to raise the funds.

“I have had to walk my daughters to school in the rain because the car window is broken.

“It’s been raining and the back of the car would get soaking wet because there is no window there.”

Apparently, this is not the first time this has happened in his area and his neighbour Ken Garforth, had his car window smashed in an incident that was identical.

Luckily for Mr Garforth, he had his damages covered by insurance, but Mr Elton was not so fortunate.

A spokesman for East Riding of Yorkshire Council said: “As with all claims for damage against the council, the claimant would be asked to contact the council’s insurance section and put a claim in writing to them, along with any quotes, receipts or evidence to support the claim.”

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