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Man who believed ‘discomfort’ was cat scratch horrified to find he’s been shot

Nemi Chand was lucky that the bullet missed all his vital organs when he was shot below the rib cage and now the police are treating it as a case of attempted murder

A man thought he had been scratched by a cat but had actually been shot

A man who thought he’d be scratched by a cat was horrified to discover he had actually been shot and the case is now being treated as attempted murder.

Nemi Chand, 35, was asleep last Thursday night, in Malwara village, in Rajasthan, northern India, when he felt a slight pain and thought it was the animal scratching at his side to wake him.

Astonishingly, the man didn’t think his bullet wound was anything more than a scratch and he is lucky to be alive.

He has admitted that he was in “discomfort” but he thought the pain was due simply to a pet cat clawing at him and the scratch on his body appeared to him to look the same.

The bullet had incredibly entered his body below the rib-cage and avoided all his vital organs.

The bullet missed all his vital organs and was removed by doctors


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Police have been investigating what happened with the man asleep at the time of the shooting.

The electrical lineman simply ignored the injury and had no idea it was actually a bullet penetrating his body.

He was sleeping in a room with three other linemen after checking some faulty lines together but none of them heard the gun go off.

Seven hours later, a friend discovered an empty bullet shell and with the pain not going away, Nemi also realised that he must have had something more than just a cat scratch.

At this point he decided to go to hospital and found out that it was actually a bullet

Police have now launched a murder inquiry as they believe that the man may have been deliberately attacked


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After seven hours went by and the scratch didn’t get any better the man decided he should go to the hospital


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An X-ray revealed the bullet lodged under Nemi’s skin had just avoided his vital organs and he was taken into surgery to have it removed under general anesthetic on Friday morning.

Footage taken inside the operating theatre shows a surgeon prising open Nemi’s skin to pop out the stubborn bullet.

Orthopedic surgeons Vardharam Dewasi and Narseeram are then seen thoroughly washing out the wound with sterilising fluid to prevent infection.

The Raniwara police are treating the case as attempted murder and further investigations are ongoing.

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