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Married At First Sight’s Amy has lip filler dissolved after leaving show

Sports journalist and former glamour model Amy Christophers shared her beauty secrets with her Instagram followers, and revealed she’s now decided to embrace the ‘natural look’

Married at First Sight’s Amy Christophers said she wants a more natural look

Married At First Sight’s Amy Christophers has had her lip fillers dissolved after leaving the show.

The sports journalist and former glamour model, 34, who wed Joshua Christie on the E4 series, is one of the most glamorous contestants, and her fans have been encouraging her to reveal her beauty secrets.

Amy took to her Instagram Stories to give her 133,000 followers a look inside her beauty routine, and admitted she’s had her fillers dissolved since filming ended on the hit reality show.

When asked where she had her lips done, and how they looked before the treatment, Amy revealed she’s now working towards a more natural look.

“I’ve actually had my lips dissolved by @lift.aesthetics since coming out of the experiment.

“Ellie did refill them (as dissolving takes away your natural collagen too) but only with 0.5ml back in June, so I’m pretty much back to my natural lips now,” she explained.

“I will probably get them done again at some point. But right now I’m rocking the natural look.”

Amy is one of the show’s most glam contestants


Channel 4)

Amy’s fans reached out to ask more about how she cares for her flawless eyebrows, and she shared details of a brow glue she uses to keep her defined arches in shape.

“Genuinely I just brush some mascara through them – I’m so low maintenance,” she replied, alongside a laughing emoji.

“Although I’ve just discovered @hdbrows official brow glue & it’s a game changer!!” Amy shared.

“I dye my brows myself every other week & then when I can I see HD brows to have a shape up and tidy & then I just keep on top of them.”

Later, Amy listed her favourite skincare brands, and said she favours high end luxury products such as REN and Kiehl’s, as well as high street buys like Simple.

“I’ll get round to filming a makeup routine & skincare routine at some point…” she told her followers during the Q&A.

She gave her followers her top beauty tips during the Q&A


Amy Christophers/Instagram)

“I’m trying to relax this week as I’m moving back to London the week after. But this has been a very popular request!”

Amy also said it was due to taking part in the hugely successful reality show that inspired her to become more involved in make-up, although she joked she only wears it to “look half decent”.

“Tbh I don’t get excited by makeup, I just do it so I look half decent!” she quipped.

Elsewhere in the Q&A, Amy was asked how she feels about the way she’s portrayed on the show, especially when it seems she becomes easily frustrated by new husband Josh.

“I’m so glad someone asked me this, I actually have the patience of a saint ok.

“But you know there’s only so much I can take, I’m only human, it’s a very stressful process and yes, it is just editing. Obviously those happened but I did a lot of lovely things too,” she explained.

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