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Married At First Sight’s Amy wouldn’t have cared if Morag had slept with Josh


The Married At First Sight UK couples were rocked by Morag Crichton’s claims that Josh Christie had sent her private messages on social media a year before the show began

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Married at First Sight: Morag and Joshua clash

Married At First Sight UK star Amy Christophers has admitted that she wouldn’t have cared if Josh Christie had slept with Morag Crichton in the past.

Amy, 34, and Morag, 31, butted heads on the E4 dating show a few weeks ago after Morag claimed that Josh had sent her direct messages on social media one year before the experiment began.

Former glamour model Amy appeared to keep her cool, but understandably, she brought it up with Josh, 26, later that evening.

At the next dinner party, Josh was keen to confront Morag about her claims – leaving her looking very uncomfortable.

Amy Christophers has been one of the most memorable contestants on this year’s Married At First Sight UK


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Speaking exclusively to The Mirror, Amy has revealed she doesn’t care about what Josh has done in the past and didn’t need to know about the DMs.

Asked if she would have like to have known if they’d had a sexual relationship in the past, she replied: “Even that wouldn’t have bothered me, I’d be like ‘oh well you’re not sleeping with him now’.

Morag claimed that Josh had sent her direct messages on social media one year before the experiment began


Channel 4)

“Obviously I had to tell Josh because if someone’s talking about him, he’s got a right to know. The whole situation… it is what it is,” Amy continued.

When asked if she thinks Morag secretly fancied Josh, Amy answered: “Josh is my type to a T. She [Morag] goes for like rugby guys with mullets and stuff! Morag’s typical type is a rugby player.”

Amy and Josh’s relationship has had it’s fair share of ups and downs throughout the experiment


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Referring to why she thinks Morag even told her about the alleged DMs, Amy said: “Whether it was Morag… I don’t want to dig out production, but obviously it came from somewhere.

“It got made into a storyline essentially, but it was just really bad timing because me and Josh were really opening up to each other at that point and we were in a really good place.

“We just wanted the support from everyone else, and I vocalised that. And then we had girls’ day and then I just felt like they were all trying to dig me and Josh out,” Amy added.

Amy was seen shouting at Morag at one of the show’s explosive dinner parties


Channel 4)

“It was upsetting at the time and it was upsetting to watch back as well, no wonder I felt so alone in the process, we really didn’t have anyone supporting us.”

MAFS fans will find out this week if Amy and Josh survived the experiment and decided to continue their romance in the real world, but for now Amy is focusing on her career.

The pretty brunette is currently enjoying her role as a presenter for Racing TV’s #Raceday, taking new and existing racing fans behind the scenes on social media to bring the stories and buzz of a race day to life.

She’s also grown close to veterinary nurse Morag since filming the E4 show and said they even have some mutual friends.

“Me and Morag are friends, we actually really bonded in the last week and it was really lovely, we are really supportive of each other,” Amy revealed.

Married At First Sight UK continues tonight at 9pm on E4.

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