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Michelle Keegan claims her diet consists of biscuits, crisps, chips and mayo

The TV star might have a following of admirers due to her incredibly toned figure but she claims she has the diet of a champion fast food eater rather than a calorie counter

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Michelle Keegan may be known for having an incredibly toned figure – but she claims she has a diet that would churn the stomachs of most fitness fanatics.

The 34-year-old actress is known for working out and keeping in shape alongside her equally toned husband, reality star Mark Wright.

But while most people who keep themselves in tip top shape will preach the importance of a strict diet, measuring macros, and keeping fats and carbs to a minimum, Michelle seems to have torn up the rule book.

For the former Coronation Street star insists she enjoys nothing more than spending her days wolfing down biscuits, bread, chips, curry sauce and mayonnaise.

Michelle Keegan says she loves feating on high fat foods



The TV babe is well known for her taught physique



She told the Off Menu podcast: “I am a massive, massive foodie. Food for me is life.

“From the moment I wake up to the time I go to bed, I’m thinking about my food. The first thought for me when I wake up? Cup of tea. Biscuits!”

Michelle claims it is in her blood to get up and start feasting on biccies.

She said: “For us northerners, it’s tea and biscuits in the morning – you have like a rich tea or a custard cream.

Michelle and her reality star husband, Mark Wright, are known for keeping themselves in incredible shape



“It’s fantastic. It wakes my tastebuds up. Then I go for the savoury option. Always start with the sweet, then we go to the savoury.”

She also claims she loves nothing more than making high-fat snacks late at night when hunger strikes in the dead of night.

She said: “I’m quite bad at snacking quite late at night, so I am actually quite full from the night before, if I’m being honest.

“A lot of the time that’s something quite salty like crisps or a piece of ham with toast on top.

Michelle says chip sandwiches, curry sauce and mayonnaise are among her favourite snacking items



“I would like really good chippy chips, obviously — with lots and lots of salt and vinegar.

“And then I want a portion of curry sauce, portion of gravy, and some mayonnaise. I want Warburtons thick slice bread, thick with Lurpak.”

Earlier this year, Michelle gave a different insight into her eating habits when she discussed her breakfast routine with Women’s Health.

She said: “I can go quite long without eating breakfast, as I’m not hungry in the morning.

“I don’t know why – my body just doesn’t function that well. I like to have a banana before I work out, just to give me a bit of energy, and then I’ll eat after my workout.”

She added her typical morning menu is: “It’s normally like smashed avocado on toast with some halloumi. If I was being really good, I might have some porridge with oat milk or a protein shake with dates and banana in it.”

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In the same interview, Michelle also gave insight into her strict workout regime – which helps her maintain her washboard abs.

She said: “I like to exercise in the morning… I’ll probably give myself an hour and then I’ll go and exercise. I like to get it out of the way.

“If I was to do a morning workout, I’d probably do a HIIT for 45 minutes, and then I’m done for the rest of the day.”

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