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Mum of 2, 39, who complained of back ache diagnosed with liver and spine cancer

Sarah Bennett, from Edgeley, Stockport, got her diagnosis just months after getting the all-clear for breast cancer. Now she is facing another tough battle

Sarah Bennett discovered she had liver and spine cancer just a few months after getting the all clear for breast cancer

A mum of two was given a devastating double cancer diagnosis at the age of 39 after she complained of back ache.

Sarah Bennett, from Edgeley, Stockport, has been diagnosed with liver and spine cancer just a few months after getting the all clear for breast cancer.

She was first diagnosed with the disease in May 2020 but got the all clear for it at the Christie Hospital 12 months later, reports the Manchester Evening News.

Sadly, just a few months on from that moment, new scans found Sarah’s cancer had spread to her liver and spine, meaning she will have to undergo chemotherapy and radiotherapy simultaneously long-term.

The secondary cancer was only found after she had a back ache — with nurses initially not worried about her pain.

“I had a back ache and I rang my breast care nurse,” Sarah told the Manchester Evening News.

Sarah said she’d had back ache before discovering she had double cancer



“She organised my scans to ease my mind.

“She was not worried.

“Then they found it in my liver and spine. It is really scary.”

The latest cancer means doctors cannot give her a life expectancy for certain.

“Realistically, I am not going to be here into old age,” Sarah added. “It has just been a bit of head f***.”

“[Last year], I went into battle. You just get through treatment and carry on. After I finished, I struggled, because it’s almost like trauma.

“Then I got the all-clear, but it did not stop there, as I had hormonal treatment so I was on medically-induced menopause.

“Then, I got this diagnosis.

“With the secondary one there’s no cure. They cannot give you a time scale, so you are living between scans.”

To combat the latest cancers, Sarah has now started to have three weeks of chemotherapy every month to treat her liver, with radiotherapy for her back.

The ‘anxiety’ of treatment, and uncertainty of not knowing how long she has left, is worsened by the fact that Sarah has a young family.

The 39-year-old added: “If it was just me, I would crack on — but with the kids, they are too young to know what’s happening.”

Along with Sarah is her fiance Ryan, and children Toby, age seven, and Maggie, who is two-years-old.

Following the desperate news, friends of the family have rushed to Sarah’s aid.

One friend who has stepped up is Jo Daly, who has set up an online fundraiser to help the family pay the bills.

Their financial concerns are heightened by the fact that both parents are self-employed, with Ryan a plasterer and Sarah a hairdresser, so when the pair cannot work, earnings take a hit.

Jo told the Manchester Evening News: “They had two incomes and now they have half of one.

“I would love to be able to write a cheque but we are not able to. Nobody is able to do it.

“They just need to have that worry about paying the bills [removed].

“It is tragic that this is the situation and their biggest worry is money.”

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