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Mum-of-four shares ‘genius’ baby sleeping tip she wishes she’d known sooner

A mum took to TikTok to explain the difference between quiet and active sleeping in a video that has since gone viral, and many parents have praised her for sharing

TikTok mum shares hack for newborn sleeping patterns

Every baby has its own pattern of waking and sleeping, and unfortunately for exhausted parents, it can take some time to learn.

Fortunately, one mum has shared a tip that she’s learned about the sleeping pattern of newborn babies.

Chrissy Horton, who goes by the name of @hortonlane on TikTok, regularly shares tips to help mums through pregnancy and motherhood.

In a recent video, the mum-of-four showed a mistake parents could be making when their little ones are snoozing.

“Please tell me I’m not the only parent who just discovered this about sleeping and newborns,” she said in the video which quickly went viral.

She’s only just learned the trick with her fourth child



You may not need to disturb them



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“I am on my fourth kid, MY FOURTH KID, and I just learned this about sleeping and it would have saved me so much if I’d known about it earlier.”

Chrissy found out about the tip from another TikTok account, Taking Cara Babies, who explained that there are two different types of sleep for newborn babies – active and quiet.

During quiet sleep, a baby will be still and will not move around.

Whereas when a baby is experiencing active sleep, they may appear restless or fidgety.

Most parents will be tempted to pick up their babies to soothe them, but it turns out you may not have to do this.

“This is active sleep,” Chrissy said as she shows her newborn wriggling and moving around. “It’s something babies do fifty per cent of the time.”

She continued: “I would hear my babies do this and just assume that they were frustrated and wanted to be picked up, so I would pick them up, but in actuality, I was waking them up.”

Instead, she suggests to “give it a few seconds” and they’ll settle themselves again.

Since being posted, the video has racked up more than 228,000 likes and almost 1,500 comments from other parents who were grateful for the tip.

One person said: “I’m not a mom yet, so I didn’t know this but I’m glad I do now for when I do end up having kids.”

Another wrote: “I’m due [in] a few weeks and your tips have helped me prepare more than you know thank you.”

A third commented: “You are a genius.”

“So you’re telling me… that when I wake up at 1 am to them wiggling… it’s active sleep?” added someone else.

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