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Mum transforms home into incredible Christmas grotto three months early

Caroline Gabe decided to start the fun again after hitting the headlines last year. She lost her cousin to cancer in the spring and said she always loved Christmas

The house is already full of festive cheer

A mum who became an internet sensation last year when she put up £1,000 worth of Christmas decorations three months early has done it again.

Caroline Gabe, 47, made headlines in September 2020 for the elaborate festive display at her home in Port Talbot, south Wales.

Her house and garden in Caewern were festooned with 3,000 fairy lights, giant inflatable snowmen, and sparkling snow.

When asked why she’d put the display up so early, Caroline explained she did it to cheer up her neighbours after “a horrible and surreal year” under Covid.

Caroline said: “And things haven’t really improved much this year either, have they?

“If anything it’s been just as bad, what with coronavirus case figures back on the rise – what is more, I also lost my cousin Julie to cancer back in the spring and she was always such a lover of Christmas.

Theo Gabe, 5, with the Christmas decorations


Tom Wren / SWNS)

“So this time round I’ve put up the decorations in her honour too. They remind me of her and I know she’s looking down right now and loving it all.”

The mum-of-three added that she’s even managed to up the ante with her latest display.

Caroline, a former health worker, said: “I’ve got lots of new additions – an 8ft blow-up Santa, a huge illuminated Father Christmas and about 4,800 warm white lights, to name but a few.”

“Don’t ask me how much that will all cost to run, I daren’t look,” she laughed.

“I was hoping to plug it all into the next door neighbours’ house so they can help with the bills.”

Caroline said the seasonal scenery took her 12 hours to set up, with the grand switch-on taking place last night.

There have been lots of additions this year


Caroline Gabe/Media Wales)

Caroline said: “You wouldn’t believe how many people have come to see it already – they’ve been driving all the way down from the Rhondda.

“It’s nice to put a smile on others’ faces and it also brings me and my kids a lot of joy.”

And 2021 won’t be the last time she does it either.

Caroline added: “No, I’ve got the bug now, so – pandemic or no pandemic – every September from now on is going to be Christmas come early.”

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