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Mum’s invitation for Covid vaccine arrives day after she died with virus

Margaret Grunshaw went into hospital due to an infection and caught the virus. Her daughter has told how she had to ring the doctor to say that her mother had already died from coronavirus

Margaret Grunshaw, 75, received her vaccine invitation after she died

A mum tragically received her invitation to have the coronavirus vaccine a day after her death, her daughter has revealed.

Margaret Grunshaw, 75, died in February after she contracted coronavirus in hospital following her admission due to an infection.

Before her death, the former landlady and auxiliary nurse, who was brought up in Accrington, was a full time carer for her husband Terry, reported LancsLive.

Daughter Adele has revealed that she received a letter inviting her mum for her Covid jab the day after she passed away at Royal Blackburn Hospital.

Adele, 49, said she has struggled since her mother’s death and so only recently felt able to pay tribute to her mum, InYourArea reported.

Margaret Grunshaw was in hospital with an infection when she caught Covid

She said: “It was really unexpected and I really struggled and I feel I’ve not done her justice in honouring her memory.

“It’s been really, really difficult for me and I think I’m coming out of the fog a little bit and I wanted to do something for her.

“I thought I’d have at least another 10 years with her. She was the head of the family. I know a lot of people thought highly of her.

“The day after she died I got a letter from the doctor about vaccination. I had to ring them and say my mum died yesterday.”

Adele, who lives in Birmingham and works as a PA for the NHS, said her dad Terry had to be moved into a care home last November as he suffers from advanced Alzheimer’s.

But she added that she was able to visit her mum in hospital before her death.

Adele said: “You weren’t allowed to hug anybody and you had full PPE on so it was difficult to sit for hours and hours on end with full PPE.

“Watching someone die of Covid is the most horrific thing you’ll ever see in your life because they literally just choke to death. The people working there are unbelievable, they’re pure angels on the Covid ward. The most amazing people I’ve ever met in my life.

“My message is be careful because if I hadn’t seen it maybe I’d have been more blasé about Covid, but seeing my mum and to see her die like that was just shocking.”

Margaret, who lived in Knuzden at the time of her death, married Terry at St Mary’s Church in Oswaldtwistle in 1968 and also left son Steven as well as daughter Adele.

She worked at textile machine manufacturers Howard & Bullough before becoming a hairdresser and then went on to become the landlady of the The Gibraltar Hotel pub in Blackburn.

She ran the pub with Terry for 14 years before moving to Knuzden in 1988, and then went on to become an auxiliary nurse at Blackburn Royal Infirmary.

Adele added that Margaret “always had time for anyone in need”.

She continued: “She was an amazing mum and an amazing person. I had friends say I wish your mum was my mum.

“During the latter years of Margaret’s life she became a full-time carer for Terry. Even though it was hard and tiring she always had a smile on her face and never complained.

“I wish I could have one more day with my mum, but my last memory is telling her I loved her.”

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