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‘My dad threatened to fight my step-dad over who would walk me down the aisle’

A bride has revealed how her dad threatened to fight her step-dad after she asked him to walk her down the aisle, only to end up asking her brother instead

A bride uninvited both her dad and her step-dad over a dispute around who would walk her down the aisle

Anyone who has experienced their parents getting divorced can relate to just how awkward it can be, especially when there are step-parents on the scene.

Most of the time, parents who are no longer on speaking terms can be kept apart from one another, with the exception of big life events, such as weddings, christenings and graduations – and that’s when things really get tricky.

One woman learned this the hard way when planning her own wedding, and it came to deciding who would walk her down the aisle.

The bride shared her story with wedding photographer Erika Joy ( @joyshotsphotography ), who shared the tale anonymously on TikTok.

“My parents are divorced and both are remarried. They are not civil at all and have not spoken outside of court in years,” a message from the anonymous bride read.

“I grew up with my mom and did not have a relationship with my dad until I was an adult, so obviously I was way closer to my stepdad. I invited my dad but asked my stepdad to walk me down the aisle.

The woman went on to reveal that when her dad found out she’d chosen her step-dad to walk her down the aisle, he told her he wouldn’t be coming and said he would fight her step-dad.

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“So I thought about it and decided that both could walk me down the aisle, seeing as I have a good relationship with both,” she continued.

“Both of them refused this idea, so after talking to my mom, I decided to let my dad walk me down the aisle. This way I could finally focus on myself.”

When her step-dad heard the news, he said that neither he nor the bride’s mum would be attending the wedding. So, the bride decided to cut out all the drama from both sides of her family and had her brother walk her down the aisle instead.

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