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‘Outsiders must wonder what happened to UK’s reputation of order and efficiency’

The Voice of the Mirror has questioned what has happened to Britain’s reputation under Boris Johnson, slamming the government’s “incompetence and complacency”

Motorists queue for petrol at Sainsbury’s at Monk’s Cross, York as drivers are being urged by the Government to “buy fuel as normal”, after the lorry driver shortage hit supplies

Any outsider looking at Britain must wonder what happened to our reputation for being a nation of order and efficiency.

A well-run country would not have queues at the fuel pumps, empty shelves in supermarkets and firms unable to source basic goods.

Thanks to this Government’s incompetence and complacency, firms have been walloped by rising energy bills, a shortage of CO2 and a transportation crisis.

And that is before you add in the disruption from Covid and economic pain caused by rising living costs. Boris Johnson has been in denial about the chaos caused by these multiple crises. An emergency is looming, but there has been no emergency planning.

The Prime Minister likes to boast about Global Britain – but on his watch, we are in danger of becoming Broken Britain.

Keir moment

Keir Starmer will finally address the Labour conference in person



Next week Keir Starmer will finally address the Labour conference in person.

The pandemic has been doubly frustrating for the Labour leader, dominating the news, making it harder for the Opposition to be heard and preventing Sir Keir from properly introducing himself to the public.

This why so much is riding on his leader’s speech this Wednesday.

Sir Keir inherited a broken and divided party which had suffered its fourth election defeat in a row. Since then he has made steady, if slow, progress in turning around Labour’s fortunes.

The party is in a better place than it was two years ago, but Labour’s rehabilitation is not yet complete. That work must continue at the conference in Brighton.

It is time the party stopped talking to itself and began a conversation about how Labour can transform lives and build a better Britain.


Daniel Craig as James Bond escorts the Queen through the corridors of Buckingham Palace


AFP/Getty Images)

Daniel Craig has revealed the Queen was a natural at acting when they made their 007 skit for the 2012 Olympics.

He was shaken and stirred by nerves, but she delivered a Royal Command Performance.

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