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Paramedic warns parents should always remove baby’s nappy after hot water burn

Nikki Jurcutz, proud mum and business woman, said that nappies are designed to absorb liquid so if a child is burned with hot water then the nappy will become a problem

Nikki Jurcutz said you should always remove your child’s nappy after a hot water accident

A paramedic has issued a stark warning to parents on how to look after their child after a hot water burn – and said it’s essential to remove their nappy as soon as possible.

Nikki Jurcutz, CEO of parenting firm Tiny Hearts Education, said that nappies are designed to absorb liquid and they do it equally as well with hot water as with cold.

She went on to say that in a hot water burn accident, such as if a baby were to pour a cup of tea on themselves, that liquid will then be collected in the nappy and continue to burn them.

Now she’s shared the advice with her fans on Instagram, in the hope that other parents will remember the tip if they find themselves in that situation.

In the video, Nikki said: “If your bub sustains a burn, one of the first things you’ll need to do is remove any items of clothing or jewellery that aren’t stuck from the burn site. This is where nappies come in.

“If it’s stuck, leave it and fill it with cool running water [while simultaneously cooling the burn] to remove the heat from the nappy.

“Don’t worry about carefully taking it off; rip it if you have to. Your priority right now is cooling the burn, waiting for the ambulance, comforting your child and removing items that aren’t stuck, with nappies being one of the first things I want you to reach for to remove that hot water from the genital area.”

In the video, Nikki also demonstrated how quickly water is absorbed by the nappy, which shows just how bad the problem would be if it was boiling water.

Thousands of parents who saw the post and were thankful for the tip, as many admitted they hadn’t known to always remove the nappy first.

One user said: “Ooooph, this isn’t something that I have thought about before – thanks so much for the tips.”

And another added: “You are such a brilliant resource.”

“Never thought about this,” wrote a third. “Thank you once again for your knowledge.”

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