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Richard E Grant’s ‘deep sorrow’ as he prepares for funeral of ‘beloved wife’

After 35 years of marriage veteran Richard E Grant says he feels ‘depths of sorrow’ as he prepares to say goodbye to his late wife Joan Washington, who is being put to rest today

Richard E Grant dances with wife Joan Washington in old clip

Richard E Grant will attend the funeral of his ‘beloved wife’ Joan Washington today.

After 35 years of marriage The Withnail and I actor, 64, confirmed that Joan died last week, at the age of 71, sharing a poignant video of the couple dancing together.

As Richard prepares to say his final goodbye, he shared a picture of his late wife saying: “35 years ago we pledged ‘In Sickness and in Health’

“That Time has come for us today, as @OliviaGranted & I and our friends gather for the funeral of my beloved wife, Joan.

“The depth of our sorrow mirrored by the magnitude of our love.”

Richard and Joan were married for 35 years

The actor’s heartfelt post was met by a flurry of support from fans who tweeted in their droves to show their support.

One said: “I’m so sorry, Richard. May she rest in peace, and may your memories with her bring you some light in these dark days.”

A another replied: “One commented: ‘Such a hard but important day. You never really say goodbye, find the strength.”

Richard and Joan with their daughter Olivia


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Richard called Joan his ‘monkee-mine’



While a third posted: “‘I’m so moved by the out pouring of love for you and your beloved Joan. I can see the love in all your photos, thank you for sharing your love and loss with us all.”

Richard paid tribute to his wife last week as he announced the sad news of her death.

‘ONLY YOU! Joan – Love of my Life & Giver of Life to our daughter Olivia. Our hearts are broken with the loss of your Life last night. 35 years married & 38 together,’ he penned.

‘To be truly known and seen by you, is your immeasurable gift. Do not forget us, sweet Monkee-mine.’

Richard and Joan met and fell in love in a romance so sweet it wouldn’t have looked out of place in a film script.

The pair met when Joan was working as a voice coach, and Richard fell for her even though she was married to someone else at the time.

The actor went on to propose at an airport and they went on to enjoy a married life for more than 30 years.

Earlier this year, the movie star revealed his love for his wife Joan and daughter Olivia during his new documentary series, Write Around the World with Richard E Grant.

The BBC Four travel show sees the star visit worldwide locations that have inspired literary classics.

Throughout his travels, Richard often spoke about the love and pride he has for his wife and their daughter.

The pair’s love story could have been taken from a film script

Richard’s ‘beloved wife’ Joan, who died aged 71

Speaking to The Independent in 1994, Richard recalled meeting his future wife for the very first time at the Actor’s Centre in London.

“She was wearing a boiler suit and had fairly short, cropped hair and Kicker shoes, and was chain-smoking, which I thought was insane,” he told the publication.

She was teaching an accent session with a bunch of actors, and I thought she had the most wonderful voice and huge, sort of monkey eyes.”

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