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‘Sajid Javid’s care home crisis carelessness means we will lose 40,000 workers’

Voice of the People says we will lose 40,000 care home workers and with winter coming that’s when we need them most

Get a jab or lose a job, care workers have been told (stock image)

“It is very unlikely that anyone receiving care in a care home or the community will become infected.”

That, astonishingly, was the Government’s guidance issued at the beginning of the pandemic.

They were dangerously wrong.

We revealed the horrific scale of the Covid care home crisis. At the peak of the virus, 400 residents a week were dying. There are an estimated 40,000 deaths in care homes linked to the virus

It is a shocking toll. And at the very centre were care home staff.

Underpaid, undervalued, overworked – they suddenly found themselves at the forefront of the pandemic. No one would have blamed them for walking away. But they didn’t.

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They stayed and cared for some of our most vulnerable people. In the face of almost unimaginable conditions, with little support, without access to vital protective equipment, they kept going.

Now there is a fresh crisis.

The Government’s deadline for care home workers to be second-jabbed is imminent. And many of them are not going to meet it.

The regulations mean no one without their second jab can work in a care home. So we will lose 40,000 of them, with winter coming and when we need them most. Some observers say we will be up to 170,000 short.

One union boss said Health Secretary Sajid Javid lacks ’empathy and understanding’


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Care home experts have slammed the Government’s refusal to see sense and be flexible. As one union boss said, Health Secretary Sajid Javid lacks “empathy and understanding”.

Which surely, in dealing with the nation’s most vulnerable, are exactly the skills needed.

Champers chumps

We almost panicked for a second but mercifully the crisis is over.

The fuel shortage threatened to make the Tory Party conference a dry affair but somehow they found enough HGV drivers to do a booze run to Manchester.

Imagine the horrors they faced. No G&T before dinner, a meagre supply of Claret, no port. But thankfully, they found a way.

Let that comfort you and as you visit empty petrol stations, queue for hours and pay £3 a litre. Do it in the happy knowledge that thanks to your sacrifice, tonight, in a Manchester hotel, a Tory is merrily quaffing Champagne. Cheers.

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