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Six unexpected festive decor trends for Christmas 2021

With Christmas just around the corner, interior design experts reveal some unexpected festive decor trends for this year

Unexpected Christmas decorating trends for 2021, as predicted by interior designers

The Christmas season is in full swing, and it is time to bring out the festive lights and dust off the glittering baubles and bows. While traditional decorations will never go out of trend, over the years, we have seen sustainability and simplicity replace tinsels and flashy when it comes to festive decor.

This year, fun and unique seem to be the buzzword among interior design experts – Christmas palm trees and snowy tablescaping, anyone?

In keeping with the trend, Flooring Superstore collaborated with a range of interior design experts to discover some of the most unexpected home decor trends that we may see this Christmas:

1. Elfcore or nostalgic festive maximalism

Elfcore plays into the more is more mindset, and mixes childhood magic with traditional decorations


Flooring Superstore)

Top of the list for unexpected decor trends is ‘Elfcore’. It is the type of Christmas fantasy that appears on cookie tins and Christmas cards. The trend is a take on the Christmas of your childhood dreams, mixing magic and memories.

To incorporate Elfcore into your home, simply go all out with a large tree heavily decorated in bold colours or with decorations with vintage motifs. High saturated colours, layered patterns, and elf-themed ornaments are your best bet if you want to nail this trend.

2. Multiple Christmas trees

For those with enough space, multiple Christmas trees are on the rise. Having one in the hallway can make a show-stopping entrance, while miniature Christmas trees around the house will give a festive touch to every room.

You can use matching decorations to create a striking look or mix up different styles to tailor decorations to your interior.

3. Natural decorations

Most festive trends for Christmas 2021 include natural and sustainable materials with less plastic


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It’s no surprise that sustainable decorations have become a popular way to get homes looking Christmassy. Natural materials such as knitted decorations, glass baubles, and wood decorations will take over plastic, glitter and use and throw tinsels.

With natural materials, classic decorations and extremely cosy atmospheres, this style is perfect for an intimate and memorable Christmas with the family.

4. Pompom wreaths

Although many love a traditional, outlandish wreath, this year a humble DIY wreath is winning the hearts of the nation – the pompom wreath. Easy to make and cost-effective they are here to add a little homemade style to festive decorations this year.

5. Mixed metallics

Metallics add a touch of glitz and glamour to the decor without looking too flashy or loud


Flooring Superstore)

Mixed metallics are the new neutrals of decor – be it home or festive. A touch of silver, a dash of gold, a hint of champagne and a tone of rose gold – metallics add a touch of opulence and bring in the glitz and glamour without looking too overboard.

You can up the wow factor by mixing metallic shades on your Christmas tree or keep things simple but still ultra-glam by concentrating mixed metallics on one area, such as the table or mantlepiece.

6. Unexpected pastels

Pastel shades are something we associate more with Easter and spring, but Christmas in recent years has seen a real trend of ‘anything goes’. “Blush pinks and light blues work well with a dusting of silver and gold to create a more unusual festive colour scheme,” shared an expert. “Or try a mix of baby pink and mint green baubles on a frosted faux tree.”

Darryl Money, the buyer at Flooring Superstore, commented: “We’ve noticed this year that customers are getting braver with the colours and patterns of their home interiors in general, so it’s great to see how this is translating into more experimental and unusual Christmas decor trends”.

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