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Strange ‘long rumbling noise’ heard across UK city amid claims of an explosion

A mystery loud noise has been heard across Bristol with people taking to social media to report it and some saying it was like an explosion or a long continual clap of thunder

A strange loud noise has been heard across Bristol on Friday night

A strange loud noise has been heard across Bristol by many people who have taken to social media to question what caused it.

Dozens of people have commented on the rumbling noise that appeared for many like an explosion, reported BristolLive.

The sound, that has been described as being like a prolonged thunder, happened shortly before 9.25pm on Friday.

Some people also reported seeing “a massive orange explosion”.

It was heard in Ashton, Ashely Down, Bishopsworth and St George, but no one online has been able to explain where the noise came from.

Did you hear the noise? Join the conversation in the comments section below.

Many people have taken to social media to enquire what caused the strange noise

One person wrote on Twitter : “Did anyone hear a long rumbling noise just now in South Bristol?

“Apparently fireworks near Ashton Court? Didn’t sound like fireworks.”

Another said: “Yes we were wondering what it was. The nearest thunderstorm is in Devon so it’s not that. Sounded different to fireworks.”

Many people tweeted questions like one saying: “Right, what the hell was that noise? Has something collapsed?”

Someone else wrote: “What was that loud banging noise?”

To this another person replied: “I saw the hills around Ashton Court engulfed in a massive orange explosion. I thought it was fireworks but I’ve never seen anything like it before.”

The city is already well known for the Bristol Hum, an unexplained phenomenon which has intermittently irritated some Bristolians since the 1960s.

The low-pitched noise has prompted a range of scientific theories, but there is no consensus on the cause.

In the 1970s, hundreds of people in Bristol complained to the council that a strange noise was keeping them up at night.

There were whisperings of UFOs and secret military activity, while experts drafted in by the council blamed factory noise, electricity pylons or tinnitus. Others have suggested traffic or wind turbines as the source.

Reports of the Bristol Hum continue to surface occasionally.

Last month Val Cross, of Matchells Close, told how she has been struggling to sleep for more than a year because of the sound, which she only hears at night and likens to an idling diesel car or power generator.

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