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Strictly star Judi Love’s heartbreak behind comedy career and inspiring motto

Strictly Come Dancing and Loose Women favourite Judi Love discovered she had a gift for comedy in 2009 and performed in front of her university classmates

Strictly: Judi Love asked if curse is going to ‘hit’ her

Judi Love makes sure she lives by the motto “laughter is healing”.

The Loose Women favourite is used to performing in front of an audience, which will be beneficial when she steps out onto the Strictly Come Dancing ballroom this weekend.

Judi, who is partnered with Italian stallion Graziano Di Prima, is already beginning to feel the pain before her first solo dance.

“My feet, my joints, my muscles, every part of me is hurting,” Judi admitted on Loose Women. “No tears yet but I’m sure I’m gonna cry, but I have sweat though!”

But she will certainly bring laughs to the training room, as the 41-year-old started out as a comedian and radio host but hit the big time when she became a panellist on the ITV daytime show.

Despite her busy career and home life, Judi has also found time to squeeze in studying for – and completing – two degrees, one in Community Arts and Social Science, and a Masters in Social Work.

Graziano Di Prima and Judi Love during this year’s BBC1’s Strictly Come Dancing Launch Show



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It was while she was a student that Judi discovered her gift for comedy in 2009.

She had to perform in front of her classmates and spoke about caring for her mother, who was battling Alzheimer’s.

Two years later, she turned her comedic skills into her career and has never looked back.

During her time on Loose Women, Judi has been open about her struggles with prejudice and racism, especially following the murder of black father George Floyd in America.

Her first experience with racism was when she was just seven and with her mum and someone shouted racist abuse at them.

Judi told her fellow Loose Women: “Growing up, there’s knowing that you won’t get certain positions because you’re more qualified than the other people that have applied for the job.

Judi Love has faced a lot of heartbreak



“Seeing the police, I have my licence, I have my insurance, everything, but seeing the police and driving with the police behind you.

“And just for that minute feeling nervous even though you know that you’re fully legit is something that a lot of black people go through.”

Heartbreakingly, the mum opened up about the conversations she has had to have with her own son about racism.

Judi said: “As a black parent, having the have that conversation with my son at seven years old and explaining to him, ‘you’re a young black boy, and you might be put in a situation where you are judged solely on the basis of your skin’ is heartbreaking.

“You see this young child’s eyes change, this child who has friends from so many different backgrounds and now have to take this on.

“So I feel like there’s three white women on the panel, but you’re willing to have this conversation about something that’s so needed, and I feel grateful that I can share my story.”

*Strictly Come Dancing airs tonight on BBC One at 7pm

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