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Tyron Woodley predicted Tommy Fury would pull out of Jake Paul clash in October

Fury pulled out of his fight with Paul on Monday and former UFC champion Woodley says he predicted the fight wouldn’t happen over two months ago

Jake Paul confirms Tommy Fury has pulled out of December fight

Tyron Woodley says he predicted Tommy Fury would not make it to his fight with Jake Paul two months ago.

Internet star Paul was scheduled to Fury on December 18, but the Love Island star withdrew from the fight on Monday due to a bacterial infection and broken rib.

Former UFC champion Woodley – who Paul outpointed in August – got the call to replace Fury and said he accepted the fight “within moments”.

Woodley parted ways with the UFC in April and signed a contract to fight Paul the following month.

And the 39-year-old said he had a feeling at the beginning of October that Paul’s fight with Fury would eventually fall through.

Tyron Woodley lost to Jake Paul in August


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“I want to let you guys know I’m excited about this fight,” he said on Instagram,

“I also want to let you guys know that something told me – end of September, beginning of October I told my boxing coach, ‘My spirit ain’t sitting right. The fight that’s supposed to happen is me and Jake.

“‘This Tommy Fury fight doesn’t even make f****** sense. Like, who gives a f*** about that fight? Nobody do.’ I told my coach that and I didn’t just speak it and tell him that, I said, watch what I’m telling you.

“I told my strength and conditioning coach and my boxing coach, ‘This fight ain’t gonna happen. Let’s train as if we are fighting for this f****** fight.’

“I flew him in from Miami – my strength and conditioning coach is already in St. Louis – and I literally started training.”

Paul was accused of putting a ‘no knockout’ clause into Woodley’s contract for their first fight, but a bout agreement signed by Woodley later debunked the claim.

Will it be repeat or revenge in the rematch between Paul and Woodley? Let us know your prediction in the comments section below

The only restriction placed on Woodley for their rematch will prohibit him from wearing Grant gloves, which are commonly used for fighters who need hand protection around their wrists.

And Woodley has declared he is “in shape” for the rematch despite taking it on less than two weeks’ notice.

“I’m f****** in shape, I’m ready to f****** go. I sparred 12 rounds the other day, I sparred 7 rounds last night around the same time I’m gonna fight, midnight-1 am,” he continued.

“I’m f****** excited and I’m thankful and I’m blessed. I’m blessed for the opportunity and I promise you, I didn’t even hesitate.

“That motherf***** can say a lot of shit, if you ask the people, when they asked me, within moments, ‘Yes’ was the first thing that came out of my mouth. ‘What the f*** you mean? Yeah.”

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