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UFC star Paddy Pimblett cheekily calls out “overrated” Bruno Fernandes

The UFC’s newest British star has been called out by a number of fighters in recent weeks, but he now wants to take one of Manchester United’s star players on in the octagon

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Paddy Pimblett has jokingly called out Manchester United striker Bruno Fernandes for a fight after claiming that the footballer is “overrated”.

The Scouse fighter is the UFC’s newest British star, and has been called out by a number of fighters since making his debut earlier this month.

But he has now said that he would like to fight the football star, saying that he isn’t as good as fans rate him, and isn’t a world class player.

During an interview with the BBC, Pimblett was asked which footballers, if any, he would like to fight, and said that he would like to face Fernandes.

“I’d probably pick one for each team,” Pimblett replied. “But I reckon just because he’s so overrated, Bruno Fernandes.

“No he’s not world-class – I don’t think anyone in that United team is world-class apart from [Cristiano] Ronaldo.”

When host Jermaine Jenas hit back at the claim, refuting him with World Cup winner Paul Pogba, Pimblett said that his consistency, or lack thereof, makes him a tough player to put in that category.

“Paul Pogba is not world-class,” he continued. “He can’t play well for two games and then bad for three and be called world-class. “If he was consistent, he’d be world-class all day.”

Pimblett is a massive Liverpool fan, and has previously said that he views the club as like a family.

He recently made his UFC debut, knocking out Luigi Vendramini on the undercard of Darren Till vs Derek Brunson in Las Vegas earlier this month.

Pimblett made hard work of it, getting rocked early in the first round before coming back to land a stunning first round stoppage from behind.

The 26-year-old Scouser has been on the radar of MMA’s number one promotion since 2016, when he won the Cage Warriors featherweight title.

He was only 21 then, but had established himself as a massive star in his hometown, and the promotion was putting on massive shows in the city.

And he decided to turn down not one, but two calls from Dana White’s people to fight on the big stage, deciding that he wasn’t ready for the step up.

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“I did turn the UFC down in 2016 and 2018,” Pimblett told Mirror Fighting after his debut win.

“They did when I won the belt in 2016, I was 21, I hadn’t fought Julian Erosa and then they asked me again in 2018 when they were coming to Liverpool.

“Molly [McCann] said yeah, but I said no and I’m glad looking back now that I did because it wouldn’t have blown up like it has now.

“The wages Cage Warriors were paying me; I have my own house now, I was able to pay a mortgage off, I helped my sister sort her kitchen out.

“On the UFC wages I wouldn’t have been able to do that.”

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