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Ulrika Jonsson’s daughter says she’s never met her real dad and doesn’t want to

Ulrika Jonsson’s daughter Bo, 20, has candidly shared the reasons behind her not wanting to meet her biological father Markus Kempen

Ulrika Jonsson’s daughter wrote a powerful essay about the reasons behind not wanting to meet her biological father

Ulrika Jonsson’s daughter Bo confessed she’s never met her real dad, and doesn’t want to.

It comes just days after the TV presenter penned a heartfelt op-ed discussing the end of her relationship with Bo’s father Markus Kempen, and recalled how he left her just days after their daughter had undergone a lifesaving heart operation.

Bo has now shared her side of the story, and revealed that Ulrika only spoke with her about her biological father when she was eight years old.

She said she’d never known about the existence of Markus until then, as she’d previously called Ulrika’s first husband, John Turnbull, “daddy”, and had a “father figure” in her mother’s second husband, Lance Gerrard-Wright.

Bo said she has been unable to make a “connection emotionally” with Markus, and said she thinks of the situation as “just a genetic thing”.

The 20-year-old doesn’t want to upset her mother Ulrika by meeting the man who walked out on her


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“How can you ever be prepared for being told you have a “real” dad somewhere in the world, somewhere in your past or present? It’s not something you’re taught to deal with at school,” she explained, adding that she didn’t speak to any of her friends about her biological father.

Bo recalled her mother trying to “normalise” Markus by showing her pictures and talking about him, but she said he was like “a stranger” because she felt nothing when she saw them.

“I just felt no connection and no real intrigue either which might sound strange but I believe it’s because I had such a settled childhood that there was no real longing for that ‘missing piece’,” Bo said in the powerful piece for The Sun.

She revealed that Markus contacted her on Facebook a few years ago, and after exchanging a few polite messages, Bo said she was unable to “feel a connection”.

And when he suggested meeting up, as they were both in Corfu at the same time, Bo was immediately reluctant to see him, as she feared it would “open up a can of worms” for her mother.

“It gave me a bad feeling in my stomach because I wondered how it would feel and what might be said. I believe I do want to meet him at some stage but when that is I don’t know,” she added.

Bo, who is currently living in Corfu, said she has no space in her life right now for her biological dad

Bo admitted there are “a lot of feelings” for her to process, and she confessed that she didn’t know what to say to a man who had put her mother “through the worst pain and hurt”.

Bo said that she has long considered Brian Monet, Ulrika’s third husband, as her father, and he legally adopted Bo back in 2014.

Bo was adopted by Ulrika’s third husband, Brian Monet, in 2014

She also said that she regards her older brother Cameron, 26, who Ulrika shares with ex John Turnbull, as someone she looks to for “support and guidance”.

Bo sadly concluded that there was “no space” in her life for Markus, and while she hopes it will change in the future, she knows she will have the unwavering support of her mother no matter what.

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