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Waterloo Road actor Tommy Knight unrecognisable at Comic Con

Waterloo Road actor Tommy Knight, who played Kevin Skelton in series eight, was spotted at Comic Con showing off his new look

Tommy Knight stars as Kevin on Waterloo Road in 2014

Waterloo Road actor Tommy Knight has debuted his new look while at Comic Con.

The star looks unrecognisable compared to his Waterloo Road character of Kevin Skelton in series eight of the show.

The 28 year old appeared on the BBC One school based drama six years ago but now looks completely different as he appeared at the London Film and Comic Con.

One photo showed Tommy with a new beard while wearing a yellow beanie hat as he smiled from ear to ear alongside a fan.

He looked stylish in a bright floral shirt which seems different to his Waterloo Road days.

Tommy’s fans commented on his new look as one said: “Tommy Knight is such a cute little human.”

Tommy is best known for appearing in Waterloo Road



Another added: “I don’t know how he does it, but Tommy Knight managed to get so much hotter with that beard on.”

A third wrote: “You can’t be trying to tell me that’s Tommy Knight in the yellow beanie surely,” as another said: “I also met Tommy Knight and he was also really lovely.”

Fans also commented about how nice Tommy was when they’d met him in person.

One wrote: “I also met tommy knight and he was also really lovely.”

Another wrote: “Okay more after the photos but if u get the chance to meet tommy knight please do he’s the nicest person ever I’m literally so. Losing my mind.”

Tommy has had an impressive acting career but most notably appearing on Waterloo Road.

His most known storylines include being adopted by teacher Daniel Chalk and his relationship with teaching assistant Dynasty Barry.

His character also had a stroke before a university interview ahead of when he left the BBC show in Series ten.

The actor is also well known for playing Luke Smith in The Sarah Jane Adventures between 2007 to 2011.

Sarah Jane Adventures was a spin off show from Doctor Who which followed investigative journalist Sarah Jane Smith, The Doctor’s former travelling companion.

She used highly advanced technology to keep Earth safe from extra-terrestrial intruders, and was assisted by her adopted son Luke and her teenage neighbour, Maria Jackson.

He was then written out as a regular on The Sarah Jane Adventures out of the fourth series in 2010 when his character Luke drives off to Oxford University.

But he continued to make some regular appearances in the show up to the end of the final series but this was usually via webcam from his dorm room.

Tommy appeared in two series of the show



His last appearance was in the show’s final episode in the final series, The Man Who Never Was.

Tommy also scored a role in Doctor Who back in 2008 as well as being in a two-part 2009 Christmas special.

He also went on to star in The Bill, Casualty and in 2014 played murder victim Caleb ‘Cal’ Bray in Glue.

In 2016 he was ‘Hall Boy Brodie’ in ITV’s period drama Victoria starring alongside Jenna Coleman.

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