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Woman, 52, who has been married 11 times to nine men still looking for ‘the one’

Monette, from the US, has explained how her 11 marriages went off the rails and revealed that she has been proposed to 28 times in her quest to find a life partner

Back when Monette was new to weddings

A woman who has been married 11 times to nine different men is hasn’t given up on love and is convinced she will find ‘the one’.

Monette was always “boy crazy” and fantasised about marrying her brother’s friends when she was a young girl.

She first tied the knot as a young woman having just left school.

She’d known her first fella in high school and married him two months after telling her sister that he’d be her groom.

It didn’t last between the young lovers, leading Monette, 52, to betroth a man who she had always had a lot of fun with.

Monette has not given up on love



Sadly that union also fell apart, only for them to give it another go shortly after they officially split.

Similar problems crept into their marriage once more, leading Monette to put a ring on another man.

However, as much as she loved his kids, the pair proved not to be a forever couple.

“Number five was probably one of the loves of my life,” she said on T LC ’s Addicted to Marriage.

“Husband number six just seemed so nice and kind so I married him and then I married him again.”

Marriage number four didn’t quite work out



While some people may have hung up their wedding shows after number seven, Monette is not one to be deterred.

She said: “Number eight, I met him online and then one week later we drove to Vegas and got married.

“Number nine was a very charismatic guy and just the kind of guy that you shouldn’t be attracted to but sometimes you are.

“Number ten I knew in elementary school he’s a very good person but we should have just stayed friends.

Number 9 wasn’t quite right



“Number 11, I’m not even going there with that one, there’s nothing to say!”

Remarkably, Monette had plenty more opportunities to get married than she ended up taking.

Over the course of her life she has been proposed to 28 times.

Despite such a large amount of heartbreak and more proposals than an investors’ conference, Monette is far from jaded.

“Not one time did I go into a marriage thinking it would end in divorce every single time I was like ‘please let this be the one’,” she said.

Monette had a lot of hope for number 10



“My whole life I’ve spent trying to force these men to live up to this elusive soulmate I have in my head.

“Now I don’t need to look for that any more.”

Monette has now been dating 57-year-old John for over two years, and he has been married himself twice before.

He said: “We met online and I told Monette after three dates that I loved her, I believe in expressing myself and I felt that way.”

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