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Woman’s husband barred from honeymoon flight home after cheeky air hostess query

The couple had had several run-ins with the crew manager on a flight out to Crete and it got off to a bad start when the husband asked if he could “look through your drawers” to a stewardess

Laura has told how her husband asked an air hostess a question which the crew manager took badly

A mum has told how her husband was refused a TUI flight home from a honeymoon Crete holiday after he asked a stewardess pushing a drinks trolley if he could “look through your drawers?”

Laura Nelson, 34, had to travel home from the £8,000 honeymoon alone with their three kids after hubby Michael, 35, was not allowed on board, it is reported.

She said how they had a several run-ins with the cabin crew manager the flight out to Heraklion, Crete.

It began when the drinks trolley was being brought around and there were no menus so she said Michael asked to see what refreshments they had.

Laura told The Sun: “She was serving someone else and Michael said, ‘Can I have a look through your drawers, love?’

Laura said that the crew manager was not happy at the speed it took them to move seats


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“A younger guy behind us found it hilarious. The air hostess giggled and seemed to realise it was just a slip of the tongue.”

Laura said that the manager did not look impressed and then they had a further problem over their seats three hours into the flight.

The manager asked Laura and her baby, Lucy, to move as there was no suitable oxygen supply for a child.

Laura said that the baby was asleep and they were being made to rush.

Then there was also an altercation over Michael’s face mask as the manager said that he had to wear it properly.

Laura said that he had the mask over his mouth and not his nose which led her to get angry but she claimed that it is not necessary to wear the facial covering while eating.

Michael had to return home on a different flight after he was barred from the TUI plane


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She added that the manager “just seemed to be on a mission”.

Then finally when they arrived at their resort in Crete a TUI representative said that Michael wouldn’t be allowed to fly back on the TUI plane to Manchester.

It was laid out in a letter that due to his conduct it was decided by the “security and the Flight Safety Department of TUI Airways” that he would not be permitted on board.

TUI confirmed to Mirror Online that Mr Nelson was not allowed on the return flight but had not been banned for life.

A statement said: “We have a zero tolerance approach to disruptive and aggressive behaviour onboard our flights, and can confirm that as a result of inappropriate comments to crew and refusing to do what was asked, Mr Nelson was denied boarding on his return flight.

“The safety and well-being of passengers and crew is always our highest priority.

“Background info: Mr Nelson was issued with a refusal of carriage on his return sector but has not been banned for life.

“Our terms and conditions state that we reserve the right to refuse to accept passengers if their behaviour is disruptive, affects other holidaymakers or is threatening or abusive towards our crew.

“The family was asked to move seats to meet safety regulations on the location of oxygen masks.

“The crew report on this incident states Mrs Nelson was heard asking her husband to stop talking to the crew member in the manner he was.”

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