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Women’s football match descends into chaos as punches thrown and hair pulled

Violent scenes were sparked during the match between Godoy Cruz and Las Pumas in a regional Argentinian women’s league on Sunday as players came to blows following a row over a tackle

Football match descends into chaos as mass brawl erupts

A women’s football match descended into chaos this past weekend as players exchanged pushes and punches and pulled their opponents to the ground by their hair.

Violence flared after an altercation between two players near the half-way line over a challenge.

One player ended up delivering a right hook to her rival’s face after they squared up to each other.

Seconds later team-mates of both women rushed over and began exchanging blows.

The referee failed to regain control of the game as the two teams’ subs and other officials rushed onto the pitch in a desperate effort to stop the violence and get the players to calm down.

Two players clashed after a row over a challenge from which the brawl erupted

The altercation lasted for more than half a minute before a tense calm was restored and the players were separated.

The astonishing scenes occurred during a derby match between Godoy Cruz and Las Pumas in a regional Argentinian women’s league in their home city of Mendoza.

One of the match commentators could be overheard saying as fists flew and several players were pulled to the ground by their hair: “The match officials have lost control of this one. Tremendous what we’re seeing.”

Punches were thrown and hair pulled in a fiery clash

One of the goalies appeared to be trying to separate warring players despite being pushed and punched as she attempted to play peacemaker.

Fights during men’s football matches in South America are not uncommon but such levels of violence are rare in women’s games.

It was not immediately clear if any players had been red-carded over the astonishing incident, which happened towards the end of the first half of Sunday’s game.

Fights were breaking out between various players as subs and staff joined the fray from the bench

Godoy Cruz won the match 2-0 with a goal in each half.

It is the latest flashpoint on the field in Argentina, and comes just months after a crazy incident involving former Manchester United defender Marcos Rojo.

Rojo made headlines in July after being filmed threatening rival players with a fire extinguisher as a weapon after Boca Juniors were beaten in the Copa America by Atletico Mineiro.

His ex-teammate Anders Herrera – who plays for French side Paris Saint-Germain – joked about the ugly incident on his Instagram by photoshopping the fire extinguisher into Rojo’s right hand in a snap showing him with his arm round the Argentinian defender after a previous victory for United.

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