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Angry customer leaves note at café after it was closed while owner got flu jab

Customers have come out in support of a popular café after one disgruntled patron left a shocking note for staff.

Catherine’s, in Norden, delayed its opening on Saturday morning (October 9) as owner Catherine Laycock had an appointment to receive her flu jab.

She announced the later opening the day before on Facebook, however one hungry customer missed the notice, according to Manchester Evening News.

After heading to the Edenfield Road café for a bacon roll, the regular who lives at Durnfold Close – just a quarter of a mile away – was left unimpressed, and vented their frustrations in a cheeky note.

Written in all capitals, the message read: “It’s absolutely disgusting that this café isn’t open on time.

“I’ve come all the way from Durnford Close for a bacon butty.

“Well you can shove it up your a***.

“I’ll go to Wildblood’s from now on.”

Catherine shared the note on her café’s Facebook page after finding it on her return from the flu jab.

On the Facebook post, she wrote: “All safely jabbed for flu… one little prick at 10am and received this from another on arrival to the café… flabbergasted.”

After sharing the note online, Catherine’s was overwhelmed by heartwarming comments from customers who rallied to the café’s support.

One person wrote: “Omg they seriously need to get over themselves! Rude just rude!”

Another said: “Anger management needed for this plonker, I do hope they didn’t choke on their bacon bap.”

A third customer wrote: “What a sad sack. One customer you must be so glad to be rid of.

“You do a great job, we love calling in for a coffee. Makes my blood boil the bloody selfishness of some people.”

Another added: “I love how they remembered to bring a pad and paper! But left the patience and manners at home.”

“Still… if that’s all you’ve got to worry about life must be pretty good,” one customer wrote.

“Heads high, beautiful smiles on your beautiful faces, and carry on with your outstanding food and even more outstanding service,” said another.

“Small, inconsequential, little people like these do not matter. At least you are safer now, not only for yourself, but for your loyal, happy customers.

“And let’s face it, one bacon butty is not going to affect your bank account.”

After receiving well wishes from her customers, Catherine thanked them for their warm words.

In a later Facebook post on Saturday evening, she wrote: “I’m a half full glass kind of girl, thank you for your love and support and if I can turn this bad press around I will.”

Catherine’s was approached for comment.

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