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Aston Villa fans fire back at Solskjaer after winning goal claim

Aston Villa fans have fired back at Ole Gunnar Solskjaer after the Manchester United boss claimed Kortney Hause ’s late winner at Old Trafford should not have been allowed to stand.

Villa claimed only their second win in 38 years at Old Trafford in dramatic fashion on Saturday.

Hause headed home on 88 minutes before Bruno Fernandez skied a penalty in added time.

After the game, Solskjaer insisted goal should have been ruled out, claiming Ollie Watkins was in an offside position.

“You can take it when it’s a good goal against you,” he said.

“But that’s offside. Watkins touched David [de Gea] as Hause heads the ball.”

His comments have attracted scorn from jubilant Villa fans, with many accusing Solskjaer of showing a lack of class.

Here’s a round-up of what supporters have been in the BirminghamLive comments section and on social media.

Spookyboy: Never like Ole as a player and even more so as a manager. Please have a bit of class and say ‘On the day we were beaten by a better team’. Other managers do.

Mac78: Perfectly good goal and more than deserved result. This is what happens when you try to influence referees to award penalties before a game kicks off, it’s called karma Ole.

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Cliftonvilla: Nothing to say about Maguire hauling meatball down should have been a foul and possibly a red card.

Kenhants: Sour grapes from a manager who thinks his team only has to turn up to win. The officials did their best to ensure they didn’t lose but the players from Villa showed them they can beat 11 players and 5 officials with skill and determination.

The ungagged: What a moaner. At the instant Hause heads the ball the view of DeGea is NOT obstructed by Watkins in any way. Watkins himself is NOT offside as he plays no part in the action when the ball is headed. The ball goes in the left side of the goal and Watkins is on the right post. DeGea is a lot nearer the ball than Watkins. They had the usual penalty and in Fergie time as well. The officials did their usual very best to ensure ManU got something out of the game only this time it wasn’t enough.

Barty1963: First it was not enough penalties now VAR. Second best and the Villa fans outsung the prawn sandwich brigade. Wake up Ole.

Scottishcafu: Bore off Holy. You were beaten by the better team in fact embarrassed by Aston Villa. Accept that Manure ain’t the team they used to be and Aston Villa are their way back.

Dave Jones: Never heard a word from him last year when they won with a dodgy penalty.

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