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Axe-wielding builder ‘intimidated’ grieving mum after son killed in crash

A grieving mother was “intimidated” with an axe outside her own home – by the partner of the driver who fatally-injured her seven-year-old son.

It happened amid “rising tension” following the tragedy in a Birmingham suburb last summer, the city’s crown court was told.

Troy Green said he snapped after his partner was blamed for the crash – ruled an accident by an inquest – by the boy’s mother, leaving the motorist on the brink of suicide.

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He turned up outside the mother’s home in Yardley with the axe, and was later arrested by police at his home.

Green, 50, of Cedars Avenue, Acocks Green, admitted possessing an offensive weapon and a public order offence but avoided jail – despite what the judge called his “appalling” record of 28 convictions for 57 offences.

Judge Sarah Buckingham said there were “particular exceptional circumstances” and handed him a six-month suspended sentence.

The court heard Green’s partner fatally injured the seven-year-old as she drove home. An inquest later found it was a tragic accident, while the court was told Green did “everything he could” to help the boy, who died nine days later in hospital.

But James Hay, defending, said the boy’s mother had continued to blame Green’s partner through social media and she and others had also gone to her home.

Mr Hay said, as a result, Green’s partner had wanted to take her own life.

Green “felt he had to do something” and, on November 29, brandished the axe on the victim’s driveway where she saw him raise and lower the weapon and rest it on his shoulders.

Mr Hay said: “Tragically in the summer of last year Green’s partner, while on her way home, had run over her neighbour’s son.”

He said the defendant had been following in another car and found the fatally-injured boy.

Mr Hay said: “It was Green who had set about trying to save his life but ultimately he died nine days later.

“He did everything he could to save the boy. He tried to remove the vehicle from him and to clear his airways.”

Mr Hay said Green had also got someone to give him a jack so he could raise the vehicle.

Of the axe incident, he said “Green felt he had to do something and what he did was stand in the front garden of her property. What he did was wrong but he felt he had no choice.”

Mr Hay said it had been a “unique set of circumstances” and Green had admitted having the weapon – saying it was for “intimidation”.

Passing sentence, the judge said what happened was “against a background of immense sadness following the tragic death of a neighbour’s seven-year-old son.”

The judge continued: “Tensions had been running high. The boy’s mother was utterly grief-stricken and blamed your partner for the death of her son.”

The judge said the conclusion of an inquest was that it had been a “dreadful accident” and went on: “Emotional outbursts were inevitable in the proceeding months.

“The impact upon your partner has been significant. She is plainly feeling extremely sorrowful for what had happened.”

She said: “She was seriously contemplating suicide and you were at the end of your tether and took matters into your own hands.”

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