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BBC The One Show fans distracted over John Cleese’s bizarre outfit

BBC The One Show viewers were left seriously distracted by John Cleese’s appearance on Monday night.

Fans all flooded the show’s hashtag with the same comment as he ranted about cancel culture.

Maggie Georgeson wrote : “#theoneshow John Cleese used to be very funny but now he has got on the ‘woke’ bandwagon. Why would you want to offend somebody John? Why would you take pleasure in making somebody feel crap? Doesn’t that say more about you than anybody you call woke??”

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TC wrote: “John Cleese looks like he’s wandered straight in from a spoons session. #theoneshow”

“Basil what the bloody hell are you wearing???!!! #theoneshow #johncleese” asked Mark Pawley.

He said: “There’s a good side of it such as let’s be kind to people but it’s also got a rather puritanical side to it – for instance you can’t make jokes.

“Basil Fawlty is full of faults that’s why he’s funny but if you now say you must not laugh at anyone’s faults – it all depends, do you tease people meanly or with affection.

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“I’m trying to figure out what’s the good side of it and the not so good side of it. Some people don’t seem to understand anything about irony”

Glen Pierce wrote: “FFS, the great British bore and tax-dodger John Cleese is on the One Show telly-box programme. This man has never been funny in my eyes. Why he’s held in such reverence is well beyond me. He comes across as not being a very nice person imho.

“#theoneshow #JohnCleese”

“John Cleese DOES NOT like having to talk to a female presenter,” Slapstick Sally wrote.

Dom Smith wrote: “Totally could not agree more with John Cleese. If you tease people kindly that surely is ok. We cannot have a life where we cannot be comfortable with each other. #TheOneShow #JohnCleese”

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