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Blondie’s Clem Burke gets fans reminiscing over a gold suit at Glasgow’s Apollo

Blondie’s Clem Burke got fans reminiscing after he showed off a gold suit he wore at a concert in Glasgow’s Apollo.

The US born drummer from the legendary Heart of Glass and Call Me hitmakers couldn’t resist showing off the outfit he wore for the gig in 1979.

The memorable concert was a part of telly show the old Grey Whistle test in 1979 and was broadcast on Hogmanay.

Clem has said before of the gig: “It was amazing, an electric atmosphere. I remember getting the gold drum set and the gold suit to match it, and that was just for that gig, nothing else!

“The build-up and the momentum of that show was amazing, it was really the pinnacle of the Parallel Lines album and tour.

“By that time we’d had several hits off the album and Scottish audiences in general have always really taken to Blondie, so it was great to do that show there.

Fans loved seeing the suit Tweeted online by Clem and one enthused: “FANTASTIC show stealing suit, and performance – but wasn’t it Hogmanay 1979?

” I was very drunk that night (of course) but will never forget it

Another said: “Did I see you with Blondie & Television around that time when I was very young & pretty (well very young anyway) – or did I imagine that?

Someone else added: “They ran The Old Grey Whistle Test ‘live in concert’ with you wearing this very suit only last night.

And another reminisced: ‘Remember the gig well – especially the impeccably awkward interruption by “Whispering ” Bob Harris to open The Old Grey Whistle Test. The balcony was bouncing well that night !

And a further said: “Fantastic, love this! Glasgow Apollo was one if a kind, definitely one of the best and very much missed venues in Scotland. What was it like to play there?”

Someone else joked: “Wow! That must be worth a fortune by now. gold has gone up a lot since 1978.”

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