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Cafe’s revenge divides opinion after customer pays for breakfast using 10p coins

One man’s breakfast became something of a social media talking point after his decision to pay for the meal in 10p coins backfired.

The piece and sausage ordered by the hungry customer did not look quite the way it usually does – having been cut up into tiny little chunks and served to him in an unorthodox manner by a cafe unimpressed by his payment method and hell-bent on revenge.

A photograph of the sandwich was posted on Twitter, with the person pointing out how food is served to customers when they opt to pay the cafe using small change.

The post went viral and caused quite a stir, The Mirror reports.

Social media users weren’t shy in coming forward, with some enjoying the revenge and others thinking it was just a step too far.

The tweet read: “Had a message off one of the lads this morning says ‘Some lad who works in Jag paid for his scran with all 10p’s this morning. This is how his butty was when he opened it’.”

One person replied: “Hate to be that person but isn’t it sad if someone needs to pay for their dinner in 10ps? Feel bad for him.”

Another said: “I came here to say this, it’s quite telling of our society that we’ll make fun of a working person that has to pay for their lunch with a collection of small coins, yet would never think of helping that poor guy out.”

A third added: “I’m guessing it’s just the only change he had at the time. I’ve been there loads of times where I’ve not paid attention to what’s in my wallet and realised I’ve just got copper in there.”

A fourth joked: “I’d have asked the melts to put sauce on it and watch them take every little piece off to put the sauce on.”

“This is the level of petty I aspire to,” added another.

One person, who clearly always views the cup as half-full, jokingly commented: “Omg this is genius. Takes the chewing out of lunch!”

Another wrote: “I can get behind this kind of pettiness.”

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