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Couple and baby saved from death on caravan holiday by dad’s last gasp check

A couple with a new baby were almost killed during the first night of their caravan holiday.

Amber Yates said her young family almost lost their lives as she issued a carbon monoxide warning.

Amber, James, baby Elliot and dog Oakley travelled from Lancashire to holiday in their caravan.

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Shortly after arriving, they were forced to flee their caravan at 3am after being awakened by the piercing sound of their carbon monoxide alarm, LancsLive report.

James needed hospital treatment following the caravan stay.

Amber said: “In the early hours of yesterday morning, myself, my husband James, our six-week-old baby Elliot and our spaniel Oakley had a near death experience.

“We travelled 200 miles with our caravan to meet a group of friends who we had not seen in a little while. We like to get out in our caravan every weekend we can, but we had a small break with having a baby.

“In the early hours of Sunday morning we were woken up just after 3am by our carbon monoxide detector.

“The number on the alarm read 90 when it woke us up, but in the two minutes it took us to grab the baby and get out of the van the monitor was reading over 200.

“We escaped the van and woke up our friends who, without hesitation took us in. Once we had breathed in some fresh air, we realised how unwell we felt. Our chests were very tight, and it was painful to breathe.”

Amber said: “We were told that with a carbon monoxide reading above 50 to expect symptoms, and a reading above 150 is life threatening, much lower numbers than those we were exposed to.

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“We had unknowingly been travelling without batteries in our carbon monoxide detector for some while, without giving it much thought because it’s just one of those things that ‘happens to someone else.

“That morning we had gone to Wetherspoons for breakfast, which is unlike us, then we saw an Aldi where James popped in, and whilst in there remembered that Elliot’s Ewan sheep had been used a lot recently, so he picked up some batteries for the sheep, something we normally delay doing for ages.

“Then in the afternoon, James, for some reason, thought to check the carbon monoxide detector to find it had no batteries in it, he put three AA batteries in the alarm – just 12 hours later it saved our lives.”

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