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Covid widow’s heartbreaking account of losing husband to virus

The Worcestershire widow of a 54-year-old devoted animal lover who died from covid after refusing the jab has given a heartbreakingly frank account of what it’s like to lose a loved one to the virus, urging others to get the jab.

Devastated Emma Steel from Malvern had to sit-by helplessly as 54-year-old husband Glynn slipped away quickly during two weeks in intensive care as covid took hold – and said she is “desperate” for others to be protected.

“It’s not being able to share silly and funny things with Glynn that would make him laugh and feeling like I sometimes need to text the word ‘Talk’ to the suicide hotline, when my thoughts get really loud and scary and take over,” admitted heartbroken Emma.

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“I’m desperate for people to get jabs now,” added Emma. “A family in my road who were anti-vaxxers have now all got vaccinated and lots of friends are now getting jabs after seeing Glynn die.”

“I thought about what my life looks like now without my soul mate. It’s things like getting a text message or phone call, and knowing the notification will never say it’s from Glynn.

“It will be sitting in my car after work in front of the house having to face the fact that he won’t be in there and won’t be coming home. It’s crying myself into a dehydration every night, and letting the tears flow like a river in the morning and waking up in the night crying.

“I’m used to trying to make people laugh not cry but I’m having to tell people who loved Glynn that they will never see him again, and seeing that pain in them. I’m grieving who I used to be, as his wife, as that person died too as I face an empty future alone.”

Emma and Glynn from Malvern together during their happy marriage

Field service engineer Glynn was devoted to rescuing animals and had refused a jab due it being tested on animals, even though his wife got vaccinated.

After being admitted to hospital, Glynn begged nurses in intensive care to give him the vaccine, but it was too late and he died on November 16.

Emma’s heartbreaking admission on life after losing the love of your life to covid comes as new Omicron cases have led the government to reintroduce rules on mask wearing on public transport and other changes from Tuesday November 30, along with encourage more people to get their booster jab.

The widow added that facing an “empty cold bed” and “never being able to run her fingers through Glynn’s scruffy stubble again, while having pillow talk” was breaking her heart.

Glynn Steel loved animals and rescued many while on holiday
Glynn Steel loved animals and rescued many while on holiday

She added that there was now an eerie silence in her house all the time and she dreaded the thought of Christmas alone without Glynn.

The sudden death had “shaken” her faith and Emma said she didn’t feel able to “call on God”.

Married for 27 years, Glynn was just two months away from retiring early to spend the rest of his life with Emma looking after animals and travelling.

As Glynn’s condition rapidly deteriorated, Emma took him into Worcester’s Royal Hospital, where he was admitted to intensive care – but after a week, Glynn ended up on life support in an induced coma and died a week after that.

Emma and Glynn Steel were married for 27 years before his death from covid.
Emma and Glynn Steel were married for 27 years before his death from covid.

“I was there when they turned off the life support. I had to wear the full PPE kit including suction face mask with visor on top and two pairs of gloves, so I couldn’t touch him or kiss him,” recalls tearful Emma.

“He died within 20 mins and they played his favourite music by the Sex Pistols as he died.”

Glynn’s niece Charlotte Steel has launched a fundraising page on Gofundme to help the family pay for Glynn’s funeral under the title Glynn Steels Memorial.

If you have experienced similar feelings to Emma or need support, you can call The Samaritans day or night for free on 116 123.

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