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David Baddiel divides fans with photo of breakfast at Grand Hotel

David Baddiel has left his Twitter followers divided with the breakfast he was served by Birmingham’s Grand Hotel today.

Baddiel is in the city to perform at Symphony Hall on September 23 (Thursday), and showed off his start to the day on Twitter.

Posting a snap of his brekkie at the city’s Grand Hotel, which is newly opened and welcomed Tom Cruise to stay last month, Baddiel was inundated with feedback from social media fans.

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It seems many were left unimpressed – with some slamming the state of the black pudding, and others downright questioning his breakfast choices.

Baddiel tweeted: “Grand Hotel, Birmingham. A very nice hotel indeed. But the eggs are very much touching the beans.”

The picture of the breakfast – which racked up 1,400 likes – also received plenty of responses.

Baddiel added: “Late to have breakfast I know. But like so many other times in my life, particularly after gigs, I slept like a t***.”

Among the detractors was Stig Abell, who responded: “We live in divided times, but surely we can agree there is no place in the world for a chutneyed mushroom.”

David Banks tweeted: “I like the way – perhaps in a nod to your arteries – you’ve gone for poached rather than fried eggs – the ‘healthy breakfast platter’ then.”

Woody wrote: “Daves fry up pics are the real sign that we are getting back to normal. Keep em coming Dave.”

Sam Knives was also unimpressed wrote: “Jesus, The Grand looks beautiful, I can’t believe this is what they dish up for breakfast.”

Jeremy Merckel, meanwhile, took issue with the placing of the items and added: “The sausage should be used to form a barrier between the eggs and beans. Or the beans should be contained out of harm’s way in a ramekin.”

Andrew S wrote: “One thing I have learned about twitter is that posting a picture of a fry up, a cup of tea, or scones with jam and cream is a great way to get judged.”

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Full to the Brum wrote: “I can’t get over that @GrandHotelBrum don’t put the baked beans in a little bowl / ramekin. I am shook.”

Alec Brown was seriously impressed though, and wrote: “That’s a great breakfast – and good to cut out the bread”

“You need some fried bread,” wrote another.

Isobel Foldsham wrote: “No hash brown?”

Lee Kemp was another seriously impressed follower, writing: “Bacon 10 on 10, button mushrooms bingo, black pudding snap.”

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