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Evidence suggests UK Government is now learning lessons in battle against Covid

Having bungled so many aspects of the Covid pandemic response, it appears the UK Government is beginning to learn lessons and has acted quickly to put travel restrictions in place to slow the advance of a new virus strain.

Previously, Boris Johnson acted with too much reluctance and too late to save lives.

The second lockdown should have been enacted much earlier but because of political bullheadedness – Labour were demanding it so he could not concede – and because of his own misplaced instinct for freedom of choice, Johnson dithered and lives were lost.

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Acting swiftly and calmly now, and not to panic, is the correct approach.

The pattern of pandemics is that they break in waves as new stains appear and the virus adapts to survive.

It will be a few days before we know if the new variant is resistant to the current vaccines and a matter of weeks before vaccines are tweaked to cope with it, should that be necessary.

At the moment, no cases of this new variant have been found in the UK but our governments can’t be complacent.

We see daily reminders of what Covid can do and must continue to take measures to stay safe.

First minister Nicola Sturgeon is right to urge people to be calm.

The UK and Scottish governments must be on the front foot in the battle against Covid.

A bridge too far

Anyone doubting this Tory Government’s lack of seriousness only needs to look at the plan for a so-called “Boris” bridge.

This improbable proposal was based on the idea there could be a morale-boosting link between Scotland and Northern Ireland.

It would, its gullible supporters argued, strengthen the bonds of the United Kingdom.

An official report has now poured cold water on one of the daftest ideas ever to come out of Government.

Not only would it cost more than £335billion, it would require “bombproof” pillars.

It would also take 10 years for conceptual design, environmental studies, public consultation and statutory approvals to run their course.

The report rightly concluded that this ridiculous scheme should not progress.

The UK faces huge challenges in rebuilding the economy and public services as a result of the pandemic.

Resources need to be targeted in a way that improve people’s lives.

The last thing we need is time being wasted on ludicrous ideas advanced by our inept Prime Minister.

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