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Farming partnership aiming to redevelop old WW2 airfield in Perthshire

A farming partnership is proposing to push ahead with plans to redevelop an old WW2 airfield at Errol.

The Doe family have applied to Perth and Kinross Council for consent to form eight new commercial units on an old runway east of Harbour Sawmill.

Chartered surveyors Keir and Co have said in supporting documents the new units are “urgently required” to rehouse existing tenants of older buildings dating back to the late 1930s.

A design and access statement the company has sent to PKC on behalf of applicants WL and JA Doe says: “The erection of modern purpose-built commercial units is urgently required to rehouse existing tenants currently occupying dilapidated/derelict WW2 buildings and serve a steady, continuous and exponential increase in demand for commercial units at Errol Airfield.

“This will enable the applicant’s farm business to diversify, expand, evolve and modernise their commercial properties.”

The document goes on to say of the older WW2 buildings currently being occupied by tenants: “The WW2 buildings lie adjacent to the existing houses within the village of Grange. Many of these WW2 buildings have been occupied by commercial tenants for over 35 years.

“The WW2 buildings were constructed in 1939 and have considerably outlived their intended lifespan. Due to their quick and cheap construction method back in 1939, it is no longer financially viable to repair/continue maintaining these buildings.”

The document adds the Does have already sent PKC a second application seeking consent to demolish the older buildings and form three new dwellinghouses in their place.

It explains: “This planning application proposal is the start of the redevelopment and regeneration of the Muirhouses Farm section of Errol Airfield.

“The securing of planning consent for the erection of three dwellinghouses will assist in allowing the applicant’s farming business to begin this redevelopment and regeneration process.

“A separate planning application proposing the demolition of some of the WW2 buildings and erection of three houses has been submitted at the same time as this planning application.”

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