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Frustration continues amid council’s six-month search for new tip

Council bosses are continuing to search for an “alternative” tip for Dudley residents to use – almost six months after they were banned from using Wolverhampton’s Bilston site.

For years, Dudley Council had paid Wolverhampton Council an annual fee so its residents could use Anchor Lane Recycling Centre.

But that deal ended on April 1 when Dudley Council refused to pay a 65 per cent increase in costs.

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Since then, residents living in the north of the borough have had to travel to Stourbridge to use Dudley’s last remaining tip – a one hour journey for some people by car.

The ongoing issue is causing frustration for residents living in areas such as Coseley, Sedgley and Gornal.

Coseley East councillor Sue Ridney told Black Country Live: “The tip closed (to Dudley residents) on April 1 – people said was it an April Fool’s Joke – but it wasn’t.

“All we have been told is they are talking to other authorities, we have no idea who they are.

“We suspect it is South Staffs as Sandwell had already turned them down and I can’t see Birmingham doing anything about it.

“It is a point of disturbance here in the ward. Whenever we are out, that is what people say, ‘what is going on with the tip?’

“We don’t have anything to say to them because they (Dudley) are not telling us anything at all. As far as we are concerned, nothing is happening.

“I think they have taken too long. I presume they are hoping people just chug along and accept it.

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“It is not just our ward, it is Sedgley, Gornal, Woodsetton, exactly the same. When we talk to people, our friends, our neighbours, they are saying ‘what is happening with the tip?'”

Dudley Council sought to resolve the situation by setting up an agreement with Sandwell Council for its residents to use the Shidas Lane tip in Oldbury.

But that move fell through after Sandwell refused to let residents from outside the borough use the site.

Dudley Council is remaining tip-lipped on the situation but admitted the search for a new location continues.

Councillor Karen Shakespeare, environmental, highways and street services, told Black Country Live: “We are looking for alternatives and we will continue to do that.

“It doesn’t have to be a neighbouring authority, it could be something else we are looking at.

“People in the north of the borough, the main thing to say is they do have access to Stourbridge.

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“We extended the times to 6pm, there are plenty of slots available through the booking system or they can phone Dudley Council Plus to get a slot.

“You can get a slot the next day.

“People that have used it are very happy because they are in and out straight away, no queues.

“But that doesn’t mean to say, because we have done that, we won’t continue to look for an alternative for people in the north.”

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